In Nikolaev withdraw vodka with a deposit

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For the last three months the staff of the Nikolaev management concerning protection of the rights of consumers checked 57 trade enterprises and the restaurant economy realizing alcoholic drinks. At 54 enterprises certain defects were found, and from sale for this reason was removed more than a quarter of the checked low alcohol drinks and wines, Irina Tsygan reported the acting as the head of department.

In 30 enterprises the checking rejected 50 parties of alcoholic beverages which didn't meet the requirements of normative documents. For example, the considerable deposit and foreign inclusions contained in the following production, besides also the overdue: in wines "Port Seaside" of production of JSC Alko Trading, "Plum with cognac" productions of JSC Bakhchsarai Wine-making Plant, "A monastic log hut", made JSC Atlantis, in Pertseva tinctures of production of JSC JV Invar, "Ukrainian with pepper" productions of JSC Lyubotinsky Plant of Provisions, "With pepper" productions of JSC Artemovsky LVZ plus and others.

Violations at sale of alcoholic products were found and in the Amstor supermarket. There experts removed from sale of 30 bottles of Chardonnay wine (the producer of JSC Industrially — the Trading Company Shabo), 14 bottles of Count Crimean cognac and 19 bottles of Count Uzhgorod cognac made by the Pisarevsky Distillery enterprise. All transferred production contained an inadmissible deposit. Because of other violation wine "the Bouquet of Moldova is removed from sale. Extra" productions of JSC Buket Moldavii: on a label names of the used extracts pryano - aromatic plants that the producer was obliged to make weren't specified.

Also alcoholic products of branch of "Shop No. 4" of JSC Kray, and also the shops belonging to business owners of L. Shapovalova and T. Pritulyak didn't conform to necessary requirements.

One of typical violations can call and not instruction on a label of the full address of the importer.Such complaint was made, in particular, by the staff of management concerning protection of the rights of consumers to Green Brand vodka of production of JSC Topaz (Russia) which was put by JSC Gran Kryu of T. S. of Page


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