Saint George's church will open in Nikolaev next year

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Next year society of Armenians in Nikolaev plans to open Christian church in the Wide Beam. Thus that all in the Nikolaev area is around seven - eight thousand Armenians, these people manage to improve not the native city for themselves, find considerable money for temple construction, help each other to all, than can. And in general the majority of nikolayevets can envy their activity and focus.

On September 29, 2008 the foundation for church was laid. Then it was planned that construction will be finished in 2012. But the Armenian community found 16 sponsors. Thanks to it already next year, on September 29 (in day of a laying of the base), it is possible to expect opening of the Armenian orthodox church of a name of Saint George. The head of regional society of the Armenian culture of a name Mesropa Mashtotsa Garnik Mkrtchan says that if not crisis, construction of the temple it would be possible to finish this year.

- Each Armenian dreams to complete church, we constantly think of it, - Garnik Mkrtchan speaks.

The temple is behind Shirokobalsky Bridge. It is completed only half - in height of 9,8 meters. It is planned that the general growth of the temple will make 23,7 meters.

The Nikolaev architect Popov designed church. And I corrected - the Armenian architect who, without having changed the general concept, I added purely Armenian lines in the project.

On paper - a view of the temple after the end of construction

Between the Ukrainian orthodox church and Armenian there is a lot of differences. For example, windows in the Armenian temple outside narrow, and inside "go" at an angle - a window as if reveals inside.

In the Armenian temples don't sell icons, but on walls there can be lists. Also there is no iconostasis. Instead there is a height on which the service is conducted, - flocks. In the middle a flock - the image of the Virgin with Jesus on hands.

At the left the thicket for a baptism will be located.

In the temple 12 windows - by number of apostles are conceived.

Also in church there is a cellar the entrance in which is located outside.

In a cellar Armenians plan to hold community meetings, concerts of children and many other things. Only for one cellar it is spent 80 thousand dollars. In a floor 200 cubes of concrete are filled in. Facing stone (volcanic) brought from Armenia - it easier than granite, and to the touch reminds pumice.

One more difference of the Armenian church from Ukrainian is a stone with the image of a cross which traditionally put in the yard.

In Armenia it is called as an embroidery on a stone - handwork. For one such stone of the master spend 2-3 months. At old Armenian churches there are tens such stones - Armenians give them to church in different cases. The stone which already costs near future church, is consecrated by the bishop.

Armenians are proud of that their country was one of the first in whom accepted Christianity - in 301 (Kievan Rus' hosted a baptism in 988). And what Armenians the first started building churches.

The office of society of the Armenian culture is in Nikolaev on Moskovskaya Street, 58 and. In the same place there is a library in which everyone can esteem about stories of these people.

- Within three years we organized a community, made office, started building church, opened the Armenian school, - Garnik Mkrtchan tells. - For three years every year 60-65 children come to school. The community allocates funds for a salary to teachers. And children take part in all actions which are organized by the regional state administration, and take worthy places.

Armenians published the collection of verses in the Armenian and Russian languages "Melancholy Call", issue the All-Ukrainian newspaper "Armyansky Vestnik". In plans - to create the youth organization and to arrange a grandiose concert in Kiev накшталт "Moscow Yerevan Transit".

Thus that Armenians are extremely active, they also very solid people.

- We help each other, - the head of regional society of the Armenian culture of a name of Mesrop Mashtots speaks. - As - that to us the veteran of war came and ask one thousand hryvnias to finish repair in the apartment. Certainly, I gave it money. For me the veteran of war is sacred.

Certainly, the Nikolaev Armenians aren't given everything so simply as it seems. For example, it is necessary to pay 1300 hryvnias for land lease under church.With this question they addressed in regional department of questions of nationalities, after all the earth under church isn't subject to payment.

Probably, in it also there is the main difference of Armenians from Ukrainians, and kontreno from nikolayevets - they don't demand from the power: give us, make to us. They don't reproach officials and everything, whom попадя. They simply take and do. Invest the money and the forces. Though Armenians after all are in others territory. And we - on the. But learned to demand from someone, and to do. Didn't learn - let's study on experience Nikolaev Armenians?


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