On a regional rating of salaries only on 3-I eat Nikolaev a place

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In May, 2009 the number of permanent members of staff of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations without hired employees of statistically small enterprises and taken from natural persons - businessmen made132,4 yew. person.

Nominal average monthly salarythis category working in a city economy I made 1914 UAH. In relation to April, 2009 the size of a salary decreased by 1%, and by May of last year, on the contrary, grew by 11,3%.

Noticeable itdecreasein May in comparison with April of the current year it was noted at employees of the enterprises:

  • transport and communication - for 11%, or for 369 UAH;
  • hotel and restaurant business - for 9%, or for 112 UAH;
  • the industries - for 2%, or for 45 UAH

At the same time essentialincreasesalary in a month it was noted at employees of the construction organizations - for 16%, or for 308 UAH

The most highly paidthere is a work of workers of the financial sphere, metallurgical production and production of finished metal products, and also the enterprises rendering additional transport services and auxiliary operations. Compensation in these kinds of activity exceeded an average value which developed in a city economy, by 1,5-2,1 times.

Low-paidthere are employees of the enterprises of textile production, production of clothes, fur and products from fur, productions of rubber and plastic products, trade; car repairs, household products and subjects of personal consumption, and also chemical production. The salary size in these kinds of activity didn't exceed 60% of an indicator around the city.

Salaryin the industryI made2013the UAH that for 5,2%, or is 99 UAH more, than as a whole around the city.

Among the cities and regions of area on salary level Nikolaev takes the 3rd place after Yuzhnoukrainsk (2838 UAH) and the Zhovtnevy area (2004 UAH).

On a statefor June 1, 2009 of 5,6 thousand workingin a city economy in time didn't receive the earned money.To each of them on the average it isn't paid on 2861,61 UAH that is 1,5 times more than a size of the average salary added in May to one permanent member of staff.

The sum of an unpaid salary for June 1, 2009 made 24,3 million UAHthat is 55,7% more (or on 8,7 million UAH) in comparison with January 1, 2009, and for 23,6% (or on 4,6 million UAH) - since May 1 of the current year.

In structure of total amount of debt of 2,5 million UAH, or 10,4% are the share of economically inactive enterprises, that is that suspended the is production - economic activity in 2008 and previous years; 5 million UAH, or 20,5% - on the enterprises concerning which procedures of restoration of solvency of the debtor, or recognition by his bankrupt are carried out; 16,8 million UAH, or 69,1% - on economically active enterprises.

Among economically active enterprises, 69,1% of a debt on a salary 12,6% - constructions, 8,8% - transport and communication activity are concentrated on the industry enterprises.


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