60% of inhabitants of the villages of Nikolayevshchina - the unemployed

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Today, on June 26, in the Regional employment service meeting of regional coordinating committee concerning assistance of employment of the population in the Nikolaev area took place.

The head of committee, the deputy governor, and also the head of Uniform Center party in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Lusta headed meeting.

The unemployment problem in rural areas in the Nikolaev area remains to the most actual. 12 572 unemployed from number of villagers that makes 58,2% of total of country people of area stood a state for January of this year, in an employment service on the account. According to the chief of head department of work and social protection of the population YEAH Olga Sivoplyas, in some areas 40 people apply for one workplace. Nevertheless, since the beginning of year 34 percent make workplaces of the rural region of 100 percent of the liquidated places.

So, the Bereznegovatsky area on unemployment rate is on one of the first places in the Nikolaev area. In this area a state for June 1 of this year the number of officially registered unemployed makes 7,38 percent of all number of inhabitants of the area that is almost twice more, than on all area. The difficult economic situation of the area was called the main reason for such indicator of unemployment. Not far from the Bereznegovatsky area Vradiyevsky, Kazankovsky, Krivoozersky regions of area left.

Experts at meeting noted also the problems connected with seasonal works which are characteristic for rural areas. It turns out that during a season of field works the majority of inhabitants of villages are provided with work when time of seasonal works comes to an end, people get registered in a regional employment service, and it proceeds from year to year.

After carrying out research of unemployment in the village and the service of protection of the population, and the International Labour Organization consider that on the average 70 percent of peasants are occupied. Many work at the earth, hold cows, pigs, from it and have the main income. But in too time these people are considered as the unemployed. There is no legislative system which would regulate it.

- The income from two good cows of one peasant corresponds to an average salary of the inhabitant of Nikolayevshchina.It is necessary to issue these people legislatively that those citizens who are really occupied which grow up cattle, work at the earth, were considered not jobless, but busy, - Olga Sivoplyas


The deputy head YEAH Vladimir Lusta noted that such offer is already supported by deputies of regional council and sent to the Verkhovna Rada, and that the relevant bill is already ready and expects consideration.

During meeting the committee considered also a question of relevance of information work with the public which is conducted all the year round by an employment service, and also paid attention to a question of preparation of the Nikolaev area to the European Football Championship of 2012.


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