"SUBWAY" to children not toy

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In edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the reader who wanted to buy in "METRO Cash&addressed Carry" footwear for the 5 - the summer child. The administration of "SUBWAY" asked to leave the child in a nursery as till 6 years the entrance to trade pavilion is forbidden kids.

We will remind that "SUBWAY" is a wholesale shop - a warehouse for legal entities and business owners. The entrance to it is carried out only by cards of clients which are made out by the enterprises and businessmen. Floor space of halls - from 8 to 10 sq.km, from top to bottom forced by goods, boxes and other container. Purchases most often make wholesale, but it is possible also retail. Nevertheless, count on wholesale buyers. Therefore by a card with the businessman there can pass two more persons - to help with goods transportation to the car. The child not only can remain without supervision of the parent occupied with goods, and and disturb adults.

We asked to comment on a situation with the admission of children the director of shopping center Etibar Elchuyev.

- Such measures are taken for the purpose of safety of children - on a hall electroloaders move, it can be unsafe for the child. When the client makes out a card, he under the signature gets acquainted with the rules "SUBWAY" where it is registered that children till 6 years can't be in a trading floor. It is possible to leave the child in a specialized nursery which is at an entrance to pavilion.

Really, the little fidget can not only be lost on the huge square, but also, who knows, turn couple of shelves with boxes, or hide among the large-size range. You won't move the child on plant, in night club or on a military warehouse. And so "SUBWAY" is too actually a warehouse, only consumer.

"Safety of clients for "the SUBWAY the Cache энд Carrie Ukraine" is one of the major tasks. For this reason, receiving a card of the client "the SUBWAY the Cache энд Carrie", clients sign rules of the company, thereby agreeing with them, in point No. 3 is noted "For the purpose of safety of clients and their representatives children under 6 years in the magazinena are allowed." Rules of visit of shops of the company children exist in all 29 countries, where their safety.

Cars are applied to movement of goods elevators" ". And though our employees pass special study and adhere to all safety rules, it is required to a certain attentiveness and from clients. Children mobile and less concentrated that increases their risk. For this reason we don't allow children is younger than school age (6 years) to visit our shops. In China, for example, there is even minimum growth for visitors of shops, after all low people it isn't visible with "a car of elevators".

And still, we understand that clients from time to time are compelled to take with themselves children therefore in our shop the expectation room where under supervision of the employee of the company children, expect younger 6 years parents works. In this room they can play with toys and look at animated cartoons", - answered us in department of "SUBWAY" public relations.

As popular wisdom says, the instruction is read only in two cases - when there is nothing to read or when everything is already broken. In this case - when there are questions. Therefore it is recommended to sign "SUBWAY" "instructions for use", previously having read and having remembered them.

Anyway, on all questions concerning operation of "SUBWAY" in Nikolaev you can address to the managing director of a trading floor by phone 53-04-03 (04) or to the assistant to the managing director - 53-04-05.


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