The gaming in the Nikolaev area fades into the background

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Yesterday in Koblevo's village of the Berezansky areaNikolaev areapolice officers carried out raid on check of slot machine halls. Militiamen checked how businessmen carry out the decision made in the highest echelons of power on a ban of a gaming.

We will remind that the law on a ban of a gaming came into force since July 1, 2009.

Militiamen with themselves decided to take in raid and journalists that that could see the eyes work or not slot machine halls.

Having arrived into place, journalists "unloaded" near the local small market. Really, at first sight, slot machine halls were closed. Specified nothing that they work unless near the closed door of one of game institutions with the terrible name "Las Vegas" two persons "loomed". They came - left to the small room placed near a game hall. A question of one of journalists of graphics of work of an institution of the man answered that five days ago machine guns started taking out. After that question moreover and under "barrels" of video cameras and cameras, men closed keys a room and left.

The chief of militia of a public order, the deputy chief of Berezansky RO, the militia captainundertook to comment on a situation in front of camerasIvan Zhuk.

- The law on a ban of a gaming came into force since July 1, - he told. - A number of game halls is from this point closed. In Koblevo's village there were five game halls, in a recreation area - three points. All owners of these institutions law-abiding therefore they were quietly closed, anybody didn't provoke militia. After working off one fact of operation of slot machines on which the decision will be made was elicited. At present three groups on identification of these facts (only nine people) work. These groups go and look, whether machine guns work. Under the guise of clients try to play machine guns. If the facts of operation of machine guns are elicited, they will be documented, and on them decisions will be made. We will hope that more such facts won't be.

Then there was an opportunity to communicate to locals who managed to tell us, as in what days here "doesn't work".

We approach to two teenagers who turn near numerous cafes (naturally as vacationers, instead of journalists).

- Children, and here slot machines where - нибудь work?

- Yes, work.

- And where?

- There, - point a finger at "Las Vegas".

- Now there it is closed. And yesterday they worked?

- Yes, they constantly work.

We ask dealers. They too confirmed that game halls work. We approach to one more hall with the original name "Game".Doors are closed, but the conditioner indoors works.Who needed to cool a hall which is closed some days?

Questions there is a weight more.

From everything the banal conclusion arises - game halls work when them don't check.

Many experts claimed and continue to claim that with adoption of law about a gaming ban this segment of economy will fade into the background.

That turns out, in haste or by nonsense owners of slot machines forgot to switch off the conditioner, to close the room near a game hall and most a little - to force people to be silent.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on which control of that slot machine halls didn't function is imposed, can't put near each institution of the person on duty, after all to police officers and without it is, than to be engaged.

But to this problem in militia as it is possible to notice, an eye don't close. The Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area constantly addresses to citizens with the offer to give help in carrying out actions for implementation of requirements of the Law of Ukraine "About gaming prohibition in Ukraine" and to inform militia on places of illegal activity of gambling institutions.

Everyone can report about violation of requirements of this law to the address: Dekabristov St., 5, Management of public safety of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area and by phones: 8(0512)-53-13-28 or 102.

Also each citizen has opportunity to address with the message in the nearest division of militia or to any guard.

In Management of public safety of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area claim that requirements of the law are brought to each employee of law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, and each of them is obliged to react to received information.

It seems that slot machine halls will stop the work not soon, and as not regrettably it sounds, the gaming will really fade into the background and will continue to cripple lives to many citizens of Ukraine.


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