The Nikolaev Sbushniki again play "silence" when the facts it "is available"

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Today at a briefing concerning counteraction to the crimes connected with plundering of budget money, in principle and carried out in order that journalists received answers to all the questions, the deputy chief of department of KZE USBU in the Nikolaev area Roman Podgorodinsky refused to make comments on a situation on Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

We will remind that the General director "It is southern -" Vissarion Kim is discharged by the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of fulfillment of duties from - that is suspected of assignment of 13 million UAH of public funds.

It is established that for legalization of the means received by a criminal way fictitious contracts with false commercial structures were used.

Since June 3 duties of the general director of the nuclear power plant are fulfilled by the chief engineer of station Vyacheslav Kuznetsov.

Nevertheless, Roman Podgorodinsky reported that there is nothing to tell him, the case is submitted to Central office. Probably that plunder of millions public funds which happened in the territory of the Nikolaev area, yet an occasion Nikolaev Sbushnikam to take warning measures on a plunder place or to report details of the feats.

Roman Podgorodinsky couldn't call and figures which would give the chance to understand on how many effectively the SBU on counteraction to the crimes connected with plunder of budgetary funds works regional. It couldn't give and concrete examples of USBU of the facts of plunders of budgetary funds elicited by the employees.

Whether on a question of journalists on it is the classified information and why Nikolaev the SBU doesn't want to tell about the achievements so many, it could answer only that won't break tradition and will tell nothing.

To the correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"has the luck the road to edition to meet the chief of USBU in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Doroshenko. Having described a situation which occurred at a briefing,"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"invited V. Doroshenko to interview.The main Sbushnik of area reported that as itself yet up to the end penetrated into all affairs (we will remind that he was appointed to a position less than a month ago) and considers inexpedient to communicate now. He promised that shortly as soon as there will be an opportunity, will give "to Crime. There is" no interview in which will answer all questions.

Besides, Vladimir Doroshenko emphasized that the Security service is always open for cooperation with journalists and is ready to shine feats of colleagues, especially in such resonant direction.

And though at a briefing there were a chief of CREWE, the chief of regional militia and the chief of state financial monitoring, the Security service was represented by the deputy chief of management in the Nikolaev area who didn't possess information on questions of plunders of budgetary funds in area. Though call this direction to one of priority in the work.


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