The dismissed head of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye" filed a lawsuit against the Nikolaev regional state administration

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The chief of the municipal enterprise "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye" dismissed on February 24, 2009 Vladimir Tsyganok filed a lawsuit the claim against the Nikolaev regional state administration concerning illegality of its dismissal.

Vladimir Tsyganok was appointed the director of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye" on March 4, 2008. The head of an oblgosadminstration Alexey Garkusha coordinated appointment personally. On February 24, 2009 Vladimir Tsyganok was dismissed from a post.

In the statement of claim the claimant points to the numerous violations allowed YEAH both at his acceptance for work, and at dismissal. In particular, at employment it didn't acquaint with any documents, testifying that it is accepted. The representative of regional administration also reported about dismissal to him in an oral form, without having provided any documents. Besides, according to "The provision on an appointment to the post and dismissal order from a position of heads of the objects which are the general property of territorial communities of villages, settlements, the cities of the Nikolaev area" which is approved by the decision of the Nikolaev regional council No. 24 of February 21, 2008, the decision on dismissal of heads of the municipal enterprises is made only at plenary session of regional council. This situation also was ignored by the management YEAH.

Vladimir Tsyganok asks court to reinstate as it the chief of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye".

Vladimir Tsygank's dismissal from a post one of officials of the regional state administration, wished to keep incognito, commented so: "It didn't carry out the tasks set for it. It was ordered to it "to clear" the enterprise for the subsequent privatization - поувольнять people etc. It didn't make it. Naturally, him dismissed... ". Among workers of "Avtotransobsluzhivaniya" and residents information that Alexey Garkusha, allegedly, "looked after" the enterprise for the daughter - Inga Shapovalova who is engaged in business in the sphere of passenger traffic persistently circulates.

The Avtotransobsluzhivaniye enterprise gained in Nikolaev scandalous popularity after death on March 1, 2008 his director Andrey Andreevich Omelchuk. Andrey Andreevich died in the night after meeting of board of the regional state administration at which he underwent unreasonable, humiliating attacks. Before, within half a year, Andrey Omelchuk was exposed to pressure from the governor and officials YEAH with the purpose to force it "voluntary" to leave a post.

Vladimir Tsygank's claim is considered in the Central district court of the city of Nikolaev by the judge Svetlana Grechana. The first meeting took place yesterday, on July 9. The following hearing on business is appointed to July 30.


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