On the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant found a set of violations. Work of 40 objects

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On the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant there took place check of 17 divisions which operate the equipment of the increased danger. As reports a press - Gosgorpromnadzor service in the Nikolaev area, work on 40 objects is as a result suspended. To administrative responsibility are brought 21 officials and 13 workers.

At the enterprise storage in one room of the empty and filled cylinders with "oxygen" is allowed. In other shop oxygen cylinders are stored in a special cage without protective caps. Cylinders with propane are stored without union on the gate. The instruction and the list of gas dangerous works isn't developed.

Preventive tests of electric equipment aren't carried out. Grounding of some objects is executed with violations. Metal designs of substations not protected from corrosion. Unilinear schemes of power supply aren't revised by responsible persons.

Besides, permissions to carrying out such types of works of the increased danger aren't provided: operation of load-lifting cranes and mechanisms, vessels which work under pressure. Not all lifting mechanisms passed expert inspection and extraordinary technical inspection. Permission to performance stroitelno - installation works on completion of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant isn't got.


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