The Ukrainian banks "flew" on 10 billions

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The Ukrainian banks in January - June of the current year received a loss of 10,2 billion UAH whereas in six months 2008 the profit of banks made 5,3 billion UAH

About it it is spoken in the message published on a site of National bank of Ukraine.

According to NBU, the income of banks in six months 2009, in comparison with the similar period of last year, increased by 1,5 times - to 72 billion UAH, expenses - by 1,9 times, to 82,2 billion UAH

According to NBU, interest income made 61,8 billion UAH (85,9% of total income) of the total amount of the income of banks, the commission income - 7,5 billion UAH (10,5%).

In a total amount of expenses of banks percentage expenses made 34,3 billion UAH (41,7% of the general expenses), contributions to reserves - 29,1 billion UAH (35,4%), commission expenses - 1,3 billion UAH (1,6%).

Own capital of banks since the beginning of year was reduced by 4,6 billion UAH and for July 1 of this year made 116,8 billion UAH or 13,4% of bank liabilities.

In structure of own capital the paid registered authorized capital makes 78,8%, dividends which are directed on increase in authorized capital, - 0,5%, issue differences - 5,1%, the general reserves, reserve fund and other funds of banks - 14,7%, results of last years - 0,6%, results of fiscal year which expect the statement, - 0,1%, results of the current year - "minus" of 8,8%, result of revaluation of fixed assets, intangible assets, securities in a bank portfolio on sale and investments into the associable companies - 9%.

Obligations of banks since the beginning of year were reduced by 6,7% - to 751,8 billion UAH

Means of natural persons in banks since the beginning of year were reduced by 16,5 billion UAH and for July 1 of this year made 196,7 billion UAH, or 26,2% of the total amount of obligations.

Means of subjects of managing since the beginning of year were reduced by 26,3 billion UAH and for July 1 made 117,6 billion UAH

Urgent means of the population make 151,2 billion UAH, or 76,9% of total amount of means of the population, and means on demand - 45,4 billion UAH, or 23,1%.

As of July 1, 2009. assets of banks made 868,6 billion UAH, the general assets - 944,6 billion UAH.The most part of the general assets is made by credit operations - 79,4%.

As reported the UNIAN, in January - May of this year the loss of the Ukrainian banks made 7,1 billion UAH


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