The prosecutor's office will understand with "VK - Nikolaev" and "EKO - a market". Other supermarkets continue to break

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On July 15 the next meeting of the State extraordinary antiepizootic commission took place. As reports a press - regional state administration service, at meeting were present: head of department of veterinary medicineVictor Bovnegra, chief state health officerVladimir Klochko, and also heads of the supermarkets "EKO", "Tavriya Plus", "VK — Nikolaev", "Gippo", "ATB — the Market", "Plazo's Market", "Southern Bug", "Area — Snigirevka".

Officials reminded representatives of supermarkets of that, what violations were allowed and that isn't executed from instructions.

Despite that similar meeting - is already far not the first, the reasons of convocation of businessmen don't change, as well as results of checks.

For example, it is relative"EKO - a market"(Glinka St. 3/2) told the following:

"Despite order requirements, the management of the enterprise didn't provide documents which certify the fact of destruction of 1578,97 kg of dangerous production. This production is absent in refrigerators. Refrigerators of the enterprise aren't given to the corresponding sanitary state, there are no acts of carrying out preventive actions at the enterprise. In refrigerators there is no separate place for temporary storage of production which is subject to return to suppliers. Production with the expired term of suitability is stored together with good-quality production.

At repeated check it is established that the enterprise didn't fulfill the requirement of orders and instructions. Materials concerning non-performance by officials of the enterprise of requirements of the current legislation are submitted to prosecutor's office of the Ship area".

In"ATB - the Market"- the same violations that were found earlier.

In a supermarket"Tavriya - Plus"established fact of storage of a fresh-frozen flounder in number of 26 kg which arrived on the enterprise with marking violation.

In"VK - Nikolaev"(Lenin Ave., 98) check established that in meat-processing shop of the enterprise there are defects of a tiled covering, the ceiling needs reduction in the corresponding sanitary state, for washing means which have no permission to application in the food industry are used. Established fact of storage of stock for cleaning in meat-processing shop. Besides, 43 kg of fat of pork and 31 kg of meat of beef were stored in the refrigerator without the corresponding marking. Also an established fact of storage of 2,5 kg of marinade for meat on which packing there is no marking in a state language.

In"The southern Bug"on implementation of requirements of the instruction, at an entrance to the production room it is established дезковрик, repair of a floor of the refrigerator No. 1 is carried out, the log for разруба meat of agricultural animals is replaced. Despite positive changes, new violations are found also. Established fact of realization of fresh-frozen fish (a herring - 30 kg, fillet of a perch - 40 kg) on which there are no expert conclusions of the accredited laboratories. Production on organoleptic indicators - low-quality.

In"A market - Plazo"in meat-processing shop there are defects of a tiled covering of walls. The platform of low-temperature refrigerators and ceiling need reduction in the corresponding sanitary state. At the time of check acts of the accredited laboratories concerning carrying out researches of tap water on the established indicators aren't provided.

In"Gippo", despite instruction requirements, at the enterprise there is no capacity for tool processing for a boning, boards for a boning of meat aren't replaced, the log for разруба meat is in an unsatisfactory sanitary state.

By results of meeting to heads of supermarkets instructions are given to eliminate the defects revealed during checks. And materials will be sent to nature protection prosecutor's office concerning falsification of terms of realization of production of an animal origin of JSC VK-Nikolayev (Mira Avenue 1/1).


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