Confession of the souteneur: "Today about thirty girls and twenty two "boys" work for me

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We met it in a private entertainment complex with a sauna, the pool and "girls", whose interests it and represented.

Rigidity and cruelty which alternates with manifestation of almost related feelings, is combined far not in each person: to shed tears, listening to Vivaldi, and to let know to ladies a method a tychka and boxes on the ear who is who in this world - destiny not for all. And I wasn't going to look for easy ways in this vanity which all around call life. Quite successfully having graduated from the university - institute as "the expert in the field of social communications", I was ready to be given to the passion - to write and "коммуникотировать", that is to communicate. But, sorry, it didn't turn out: except experience of social communications with ladies, I didn't manage to sew another (year two experiences in "structures" demanded), and on three hundred dollars in the newspaper simply there was no wish. Here and all prelude.

I not that that Rocco Sifredi, but also not Quasimodo. Pai - the boy wasn't, but also school lessons didn't "ignore". Thank God, the union of my father with my mother gave me growth under meter ninety, blue eyes and a fair hair, and occupation by swimming and aikido - a figure and opportunity to stand for itself. All the rest made books and desire if not to be the first, and not to graze the back. Plus patience which I showed, learning to play the guitar, and very decent hearing together with a voice. All this together taken allowed me not only to learn the woman, but also to win her. And as in our hostel, for 80 percent consisting of girls and women of vypusknobalny age, it is far not each of students I possessed such here a zavlekatelny arsenal, you understand, soon I lost not only "virginity", but also the account of victories, both real, and imaginary. Here and I matured.

Then there was a year of unclear job searches and the same relationship with an opposite sex. In the first option me sent away for the lack of experience, in - the second - tried to approach forever for presence of another. Choice, you know, - difficult business.Mine was even more difficult as to remain in the capital meant to be goodness knows whom, but for money, or to be eager for heights of domestic journalism and to humour "ego", not simply flashing on the TV channels and as - that реализуя, realizing everything to what taught and that could. Alas, the second Shenderovich couldn't be as not Shenderovich, and to be simple a talking head in "box" or on radio it is sad and went.

Clearly, I was engaged in the first kind of activity, having lost a name, age, and, very possibly, a syllable. But in all the rest I was so кондиционен and it is reliable, as "Ferrari" and "Mercedes" together taken.

Further - more coolly. Mine "dolche Vita" suddenly designated my way, having declared that the monotony, even in my execution, casts grief, melancholy and any other female mucks. What it was necessary to do? To offer! But whom, what or how? The number of questions was resolved by means of one poor African - the student from Mali. It even could execute ritual dance of a tribe in which grew... The first time it gave seventy percent of the earned due to me. Then I began "крысятничать", forgetting that I too am from time to time not only quite good "goods", but also his employer. To find boys who want "отметелить black" - that two fingers... With mine "zulusy" and left. And, as it appeared subsequently, such doctrine did it good though he didn't come to "work" weeks two. Similar incidents happened and to South American "machoes", and to raskosoglazy representatives of exotic of Hugo - East Asia.

And further went - went: some мадамы requested girls - балалаечек which at me wasn't. But communications - that with hostels of mine Alma - a mater I didn't lose, and quickly enough managed to agree with those beauties to whom parents if helped, isn't so plentiful as the stars shipped in dreams of an okoltsovyvaniye with the certain capital prince wanted. The principle 70 on 30 and here worked smoothly absolutely not for long. And business was that money for pleasure or debauchery, both you want, and think, gave clients not to me, and "naymichka". Those, certainly, decided that "the kind father" will have nothing against they will conceal 50-70 dollars. I am not able to beat women and I don't accept it still. But, on the other hand, it they looked for work and the employer. I gave it to them. Each of them could choose and operating time, and even the client, receiving thus to 1000 dollars a week, without my commission charges.Probably, such democracy also led to that they felt hostesses of a ball.

It wasn't in my plans, but the second time I wasn't going to step on a rake therefore "cut off" my young priestesses from customers - sponsors. I hinted the last at garrulity of a number of the wards, having promised at half price to provide in their order new, not corrupted with money, "dolls".

My counterstroke bore fruit: wards started calling, be cried, apologize and to guarantee me pleasures which I even in a dream couldn't imagine. Guilty and confessed I accepted a half, and the second advised or to find to itself(himself) the husband, or to go on Brovarskaya the prospectus.

Today about thirty girls and twenty two "boys" work for me. They go. Also there is in this mine not to absolutely plausible work a number of the strong principles: I force to work nobody, but I don't forgive "rats"; any "group sex" and "community work days"; guarantee of a vacation pay and honeymoon at a wedding, and, certainly, confidentiality.

In general - that, prostitution and the more so a pimping - a thing not that that opposite, but - with a musty smell. Most sometimes продышаться doesn't give. After all by the light of day I am a mediocre businessman who doesn't bribe cash, but helps to equip offices at schools, hospitals and even militia sites. I - not the first who having read Freud, believed this schizophrenic that sex for people on the importance is slightly less, than consciousness of own advantage. Thus for understanding own "I" am required time, and for satisfaction of carnal joys - hour or minutes for which many are ready to pay.

That in Ukraine there are no politicians who are ready to legalize similar things, speaks only about their uzkolobost and unwillingness to recognize whether the sexual powerlessness, whether the bathing fact in the pool with nymphs with the fourth size of a breast.

That's all. And as Fredi Mercjuri from "Quinn" - "Show Must Go On" sang.


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