Rise in prices for gas is approved for a long time?

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Resolutions on increase of cost of gas for 20% since September 1 for the population and since October 1 for теплокоммунэнерго were adopted by the National commission of regulation of power industry on July 9.

About it the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper writes, referring to resolution No. 811 copies "About the statement of the prices of natural gas which is used for needs of the population" and No. 812 "About the statement of a limit of the prices of natural gas for the TKE enterprises".

These resolutions were necessary for receiving by Ukraine of the credit of the International Monetary Fund. As told the source close to negotiations of Ukraine and the IMF, documents were transferred to representatives of the organization on July 10.

Except increase for 20% of retail prices for gas for the population since September 1, and for TKE - since October 1, resolutions assume the quarterly growth of cost of fuel for the population for 20% since January 1 and until the end of 2010. Tariffs for gas for TKE in 2010 have to be raised to level which will allow "Naftogaz" not to compensate a difference between the purchase price at "Gazprom" and TKE sale.

Now the population buys natural gas on 402-622 UAH (about $51,5-79,7) for thousand CBM (depending on consumption volumes). Its cost for the industry makes $310 for thousand CBM. The difference between the TKE gas buying price at "Naftogaz" (1176 UAH or about $153,7 for thousand CBM) and at the price of purchase by fuel monopoly at Russia (the average annual price - $228 for thousand CBM) is subsidized from the state budget.

In a press - service NKRE refused to make comments on resolutions. The head of the commission Valery Kalchenko and the head of department of price and tariff policy of the NKRE oil and gas complex Vladimir Semenets asked to send by fax copies of resolutions, having expressed doubts in their authenticity then ceased to answer calls.

Press - the secretary of "Naftogaz" Valentin Zemlyansky reported that NAK didn't receive the copy of resolutions. But the source of the edition close to the company, confirmed their authenticity, having explained that documents can be published till September 1 when they have to come into force.

The member of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on energy industry Sergey Tulub considers that till September 1 of the resolution can be cancelled, or instead of them the new will be accepted.

"The government needed to show something to the IMF to resolve an issue on the credit. Now NKRE can cancel or accept them new documents in which other conditions of growth of cost of gas" will be stated, - tells Tulub.

At the same time, some experts consider that NKRE will be anyway compelled to increase gas cost for the population.

NKRE lips of the head of the commission reported on July 20 that will study possibility of increase of tariffs for gas for 20% for the population since September 1, for the TKE enterprises - since October 1.


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