The colza which has been grown up in Nikolayevshchina, "migrates" to Europeans?

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In the country started collecting a colza. Raw materials for biofuel already thresh on the Crimean peninsula, in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa,Nikolaev, Kherson areas. And here in Donetsk and Lugansk - a rape harvest just on the way. According to preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of an agrarian policy, in 2009 is planned to collect about three million tons of a colza from 1,2-1,3 million hectares of cultivated areas at average productivity of 25 centners from hectare. The experts interrogated in "Day" speak about much more modest crop which was caused by April frosts. Then for 14% of a total area under crops (about 200 thousand hectares) almost all rape crops were lost.

According to the head of analytical department of the AAAconsulting agencyMaria Kolesnik, it will be possible to collect at most 1 million 600-800 thousand tons of a colza. According to calculations of the head of the group of experts of association "Ukrainian club of agrarian business"Vladimir Lapy, it is possible to count on two million tons of a colza at productivity of 10-13 centners from hectare. But the main thing, experts, not in figures speak. It is most important, whether the Ukrainian farmers will manage to dispose of a crop correctly.

In Ukraine about advantages of this plant know much, but this information isn't put almost into practice. Certain time of seeds of a colza made oil which in shop cost on гривню cheaper than the sunflower.But excessive interest of foreign buyers led to a sharp rise in price of the Ukrainian rape grain and reduction of profitability of products of a domestic production from this culture. Aren't under construction in Ukraine and plants which would make biofuel on the basis of a colza. If in the country there was a certain state program which would concern support of production of biofuel (as it exists in many other countries of the world), and business would work at the raw materials more actively, considersKolesnik. As there is no program - there are no state grants and wishing independently to undertake this difficult business.

Therefore it turns out thatthe Ukrainian colza constantly migrates to provident Europeans. The last, by the way, learned to produce from it not only oil and gasoline, but also tasty mayonnaise. It would seem - that to be afraid, after all peasants earn from export. But why nobody says, what the state loses? Also loses not simply raw materials, and a particle of the power independence - ability to make environmentally friendly and cheaper gasoline. Loses the chance, most likely, and this year. Because, by estimatesPaws, the European consumers already signed contracts for 30% of a crop of a colza of this year. And they will break a rape jackpot.

As explainedKolesnik, the main part of rape grain скупается in August and in the first months of fall. "In Ukraine a colza today buy at the price fluctuating within 2750-2900 hryvnias for ton (depending on that - technical it is a colza or food) on the terms of its delivery to the port on a port elevator. From farms buy on 2600 UAH for ton: the price will differ from extent of development of logistics in the concrete region... In EU it stands up about $410 for ton", - she explains. After harvest end, is closer to winter, cost can grow by 200-300 hryvnias for ton. It is promoted by a certain deficiency of a colza in the world. So, by data "the agrarian and industrial complex - Infrorm", in the Informa Economics agency report the forecast of world production of a colza on 2009/2010 is lowered to 54,7 million tons against 56,3 million tons collected in 2008/2009 MG.

It is more than now - will pay hardly, notesPaw. Why? Price of oil (the main competitor of alternative fuel) fell very much, and in Ukraine actually there is no industrial processing of a colza.


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