In a web of a banking system - history of ruin

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As well everything began …

Two years ago, when spouses Oksana and Igor Pleshakovy organized the business, they at all didn't suspect what problems they should face in the future because of a banking system.Today their enterprise is almost ruined.

In 2007 they registered own small enterprise which specializes on performance of electric installation work in Nikolaev. Having touched a heap of the options, beginning businessmen chose for "Ukrprombank" - it was proved to be it the stablest and approached by all criteria.

As Oksana told, in office No. 2 they signed the contract on cooperation with bank and opened the settlement account. All payments of the enterprise passed only through this bank. "There were many offers to work with other banks, but my principle of work - if work with one bank, it is better to work with one, instead of to create the problem to", - the businesswoman noted.

In two years of work of the enterprise of problems with bank didn't arise - all payments took place regularly.

After in many banks in connection with crisis of business went, as they say, worse than ever, the woman began to worry. Several times Oksana tried to learn how affairs in her bank - "Ukrprombank" are, but in reply heard from bank employees that everything is all right, everything is remarkable.

In January even before introduction of temporary administration into the account of businessmen in "Ukrprombank" the large sum of money arrived. Oksana, having collected all documents and the payment orders, necessary to pay all taxes and to pay off with other subcontractors, I arrived to bank office.

"Lesya Romanovna at me these payment orders accepted the Medical nickname", - the businesswoman told.

Here - that problemsalso began

According to Oksana Pleshakova, after a while to her called from tax and reported that money didn't arrive. After that the businesswoman addressed for explanations in bank office where the economist - the accountant told her that money won't transfer as in bank the moratorium is entered.

"I demanded to close the account and to transfer money to other bank, but on it heard that I will be able to close the account, but money anywhere won't transfer", - the businesswoman told.

In Nikolaevsk "Ukrprombank" branch on Lenin Ave. to the woman answered practically the same - according to the law the bank is obliged to close the account on request of the client and to transfer its money according to payment in other bank, but on the corporate account of money isn't present.

To pay off at least with part of subcontractors the businesswoman decided to go other ways. "I tried to withdraw money a nalichka and right there transferred money through cash desk. For nalichka removal at me removed percent, for the translation through cash desk too removed percent, I already simply closed eyes to it", - Oksana explained.

Now on the settlement account of the businesswoman there are more than 27 thousand UAH, but she can't remove or transfer them into other account.

"If for February, after my address, my taxes through bank paid, since March I began problems. After that I began to do on three copies of the payments, I brought two copies in bank, and on third I demanded to set the seal and number. I did it in order that though as - that to report before tax that I brought in time in bank of the payment order and at me their bank accepted. But I didn't consider small nuance. If on the settlement account of the enterprise there is money and bank accepted payment orders, drew from account money, but didn't translate them, only then all state instances don't charge a penalty fee and a penalty. But I about it learned only in June, after visit of the judicial performer. It arrived to me home and reported that I didn't pay assignment in pension fund", - the businesswoman told.

"In a pension fund I was told that my trouble that in payment order bank at me accepted, but from the account money didn't withdraw - they protected themselves with it", - Oksana reported.

Where you heard such nonsense?

Having gone behind explanations to "Ukrprombank" office, the woman encountered the following answer:

- We such aren't obliged to do (to draw from account money after adoption of the payment order - an edition), such isn't present in one bank. Where you heard such nonsense?

She heard the similar answer to the question and in other office of "Ukrprombank" which is on Moskovskaya St.

"You were told nonsense, you can bring down everything on us. We won't give money to you", - told the woman in office No. 10, motivating it with that the businesswoman didn't sign the Memorandum of cooperation.

Any nonsense turns out, the businesswoman considers. "After all according to the law the bank shouldn't freeze the account of legal entities and all "movements" on such accounts have to be to the day, a delay - about five days. I don't understand why I have to sign this Memorandum", - Oksana declares.

The farther, the more interestingly …

The settlement account didn't close - the bank has no money. "We can't transfer your money, everything that we can offer is a corporate card and in brackets - account replenishment. It to me offered in office No. 10", - Oksana then quoted the following dialogue with Roman Yakushko (bank employee) told:

- You have no right so to make, - Oksana declared.

- As we have no it if we already so did, - Roman answered.

- Maybe you did it for natural persons, and I the legal person. And you have no right to make to the legal person a corporate card of account replenishment as it is the same credit card and you will give me its empty.

- It not so, we already such did. We will consult with our accountants, we after all did the already such - you will be able to remove every day one thousand hryvnias.

- Means, so you have money, and it is simple to transfer my money or it is simple give them to me a nalichka you can't - money isn't present.

- Yes, we can't, and so we can, as it in a bank network.

In the morning money - in the afternoon chairs, in the afternoon money - in the evening chairs …

The situation became complicated also that Pleshakov' family took the credit for the car in "Ukrprombank". According to Oksana, the car was simply necessary for their business - very often it was necessary to be wound around the city or it was necessary to transport materials.

Due to the difficulties with the bank account businessmen ceased to pay the credit - simply there were no means. Where - that in April to them called from credit department of "Ukrprombank" and reported about available delay.

Next day after a call the woman went to bank. Oksana asked the accountant - the economist to draw money from account and to transfer them for the credit, but to it refused, motivating it with that so is impossible. The businesswoman was indignant, after all in January and February she paid the credit exactly in such a way.

- Already so it is impossible, now it is necessary to pay.

In the first of July the businesswoman was expected by visit of the security service specialist of bank - Vyacheslav who reported about delay.

"I explained him in brief a situation, told about the difficulties in the same bank and explained the reasons why the credit isn't paid. After that he was surprised, why it to me sent", - Oksana Pleshakova told.

Only through our cash desk you don't see off …

"Till May 20 I had to pay the next profit tax. In the first of May I brought the payment order in the second office, but the accountant - the economist told that I need to go or to office No. 10 (on Moskovskaya St.), or in branch. In office No. 10 Roman Yakushko promised to try to make something".

"on May 20 to me called from tax and warned that if the profit tax won't be paid tomorrow morning, to me will daily charge a penalty of 2,5 thousand UAH", - Oksana told. According to her, it went to understand in office. Without having achieved intelligible explanations, the woman decided to come back home when she already was near the bus, to her called from the second office. The employee of bank reported that money in cash desk is and it is necessary to arrive them to take away.

When the businesswoman arrived to the office, to her from cash desk gave out 8,5 thousand UAH necessary for payment of a profit tax. "Instead of transferring this money from my account, them to me handed out. After that warned: only through our cash desk you don't translate - they won't pass. Pay in other bank", - advised the woman in office.

But things are right where they started …

Today the enterprise of family of Pleshakov is on the verge of death - means for its existence aren't present. According to Oksana, they with the husband were compelled to suggest all workers to write the application about dismissal at own will. "We can't constantly feed them with "breakfasts", they too have families which it is necessary to feed", - the businesswoman told. According to her, they now live only on pension of parents, and it not so is a lot of - only 1,5 thousand UAH their enterprise completely cost. "We can't even extinguish the debt to partners - other enterprises, the debt on the credit for the car still grows - to pay it there are neither means, nor desire", - Oksana Pleshakova put end under this history.

In the Nikolaev branch of "Ukrprombank" refused to give any comments on this matter.

We don't undertake to judge in this material who is right who is guilty. The enterprise is ruined - and it is the fact, and conclusions are drawn let by readers. As for "Ukrprombank", the final decision on this bank will be passed only after meeting of advisory council concerning recapitalization of "Ukrprombank" and Nadra bank, which has to take place this week.


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