In Nikolaev of 45% of a debt on a salary it is concentrated on the industrial enterprises and only 6,9% - in the organizations which are engaged in operations with real estate

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As of July 1, 2009 of 5,3 thousand working in economy of Nikolaev in time didn't receive a salary. To each of them on the average didn't pay on 2430,30 UAH that is 17,9% more than a size of the average salary added in June to one permanent member of staff.

The sum of an unpaid salary for July 1, 2009 made 23,5 million UAH that for 51% (on 7,9 million UAH) it is more than for January 1, 2009, and at the same time for 3% (on 0,7 million UAH) it is less in comparison with June 1 of the current year. About it reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.

In structure of total amount of debt of 2,5 million UAH (10,8%) it is the share of economically inactive enterprises, that is that suspended the it is production - economic activity; 7,3 million UAH (31,1%) - on the enterprises concerning which procedures of restoration of solvency of the debtor, or recognition by his bankrupt are carried out; 13,7 million UAH (58,1%) - on economically active enterprises.

Among economically active enterprises of 45% of a debt for a salary 24,5% - constructions, 17,9% - transport and communication are concentrated on the industry enterprises, 6,9% - rent, engineering and render various services in the organizations which are engaged in operations with real estate, to businessmen.


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