The sea terminal "the Nickname - Tera" in 2015 invested in the development nearly 236 million hryvnias

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In 2015 sea terminal «Nickname - Tera» (OH «Nickname MSP - Tera» enters Group DF) I processed 236 courts, having overloaded 4,2 million tons of freights. 

Reports a press about it - service of the terminal. 

- In the conditions of change of the external economic priorities and difficult the politician - an economic situation in the country, considering a collapse of the market of transfer of mineral fertilizers and coal, we managed to keep quite quite good volume of goods turnover. Today it is possible to say safely that volumes which our port planned to transfer in 2015, are executed taking into account small adjustments. The measures taken by us for expeditious diversification of risks from possible losses of earlier stable freght traffics yielded the results - we successfully managed to replace temporarily absent freights with freights of other nomenclature. We continued to increase transfer of grain crops. Last year started working with barley. One of new warehouses which was initially intending under storage of a carbamide was reoriented for storage of corn. And losses in transfer of coal were blocked by transfer of refractory clay, - the chairman of society Alexander Gaydu commented on results of the last 2015.

In a section of the previous four years sea terminal «Nickname - Tera» I showed the following dynamics of transfer of freights: in 2015 in comparison with 2012 goods turnover grew by 9%, in comparison with 2013 - for 13,4%, in comparison with 2014 - was reduced by 6,4%.

In structure of total amount of goods turnover in 2015 transfer of grain crops - 55,3% (2 324,2 thousand tons) prevailed. The grain storages of silage type put into operation allowed to place at the same time three different cultures - corn, wheat and barley for timely accumulation of ship parties.

Transfer of bulk cargoes made 28,5% (1 196,8 thousand tons), mineral fertilizers - 15,8% (664,5 thousand tons), general - 0,4% (14,7 thousand tons).

Transfer of transit freights, in comparison with last year, increased by 19% to 777,1 thousand tons. 14,2 thousand tons were made by quantity of the freights shipped to cars for further transportation by rail. Transfer of export freights was reduced by 10% to 3 227,2 thousand.tons, import - for 27% to 181,6 thousand tons.

Alexander Gaydu noted that thanks to expeditious reorientation to new freght traffics and a variety of the nomenclature of the processed freights, it was succeeded to reduce as much as possible the possible losses connected with fluctuation of the markets and lack of design volumes of profile freights.

In 2015 «Nickname - Tera» I continued to conduct works on modernization available and to introduction of new technologies, expansion of warehouse spaces and improvement of processing of freights. All this became possible thanks to considerable financial injections from the owner.

In 2015 235,7 million hryvnias were invested in development of the enterprise. In total from the moment of arrival of the new owner 1,168 billion hryvnias were invested.

So, last year construction of gallery thanks to which on the mooring of the grain terminal two vessels at a time will be able to be loaded is complete. The project on creation of the gas pipeline of average pressure which allowed to start system of drying of grain and a dehumidifier of air of a warehouse of a carbamide is realized. The modern fire depot is constructed, the health center is fully completed by the equipment and tools. The new equipment - loaders, conveyors, samplers, mobile tape conveyors «is acquiredTelestack». Modernization of conveyor galleries, repair of warehouse was conducted, the mooring line was increased, dredging of the water area and many other things was carried out. The sea terminal continues to develop and set before itself the new purposes.

Анатолий Чубаченко

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