UNP regional organization: the credit euphoria lifted by the government, will create a nutrient medium for corruption

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"The credit euphoria lifted by the government in 2009, and uncontrolled granting the state guarantees will hang up a heavy sovereign debt on a neck of Ukraine, having created a nutrient medium for corruption", - makes comments on UNP Statement the first deputy chairman of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization Alexey Miroshnichenko. Thus, according to representatives of UNP, "Ukraine was included in crisis by fall of last year from long 14% of gross domestic product", and "in a year the debt will reach 35% of gross domestic product".

In this regard, according to A. Miroshnichenko, UNP demands from the government, in - the first, "unconditional implementation of article 60 of the Budgetary code", - that is "the quarterly legend to publicity of reports on the credits and operations which concern the state guarantees". As it is noted in the party Statement, "the relevant information is absent and on a governmental portal, and on Treasury and Ministry of Finance sites, - the report secret, as well as almost all governmental statistics". In - the second, UNP demands from the government "to publish the register of governmental guarantees which were provided during 2009, and also the list of final recipients of these guarantees". In - the third, "the government has to provide to the public the analytical report concerning policy of granting the state guarantees, - to analyse their economic effect, to list the realized projects, to report about payment discipline of borrowers and about the cost of service of calculations behind these loans for the budget", - it is noted in the Statement, reports a press - UNP Nikolaev regional organization service.

"New government resolutions appear almost weekly", "cases which border on frank raider attack to the state budget come across, - on one of the last meetings of the government granting the state guarantees for the sum of 400 million is at the last moment stopped.dollars to the anonymous producer of production of poultry farming", - it is noted in UNP Statement with reference to domestic mass media. According to UNP, "the government formally is responsible for the state guarantees, and actually pay off - Ukrainians".

"Since 90-x, the Ukrainian government distributed the state guarantees on billion dollars, however only a little from them was returned in the budget by the enterprises - borrowers", - it is noted in the document. "The loop of not returned credits taken under the state guarantees, is measured by billion hryvnias which ordinary Ukrainians are compelled to return to creditors, - from the budget, in the form of the paid taxes", - states the Statement of the Ukrainian people's party.


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