We start living on - European: containers for garbage on castors are necessary not in order that to ride them

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When in Nikolaev only there were new plastic containers for garbage, bums rode them on streets. Such cases were noticed by employees of administration of Leninsky district in frequent sector.

Despite that practically on all containers instructions for inhabitants that it is impossible to throw construction garbage into these plastic tanks, branches and volume things very few people consider this ban are written.

-Some manage both to thrust the TV, and a chair into the container, - the chief of conversational service, the chief of DP EXPERT "Zavodsky"speaksValentina Kachan.

Part of containers, each of which costs on one and a half thousand hryvnias, are already burned. And inhabitants even removed castors from many.

In one year, according to the estimates of Administration of the Factory area, only on Slobodsky' streets, Chkalova, Garden, Dzerzhinsky, Skorokhodov, Cross25 containers burned down, 5 is stolen, wheels are removed from 154 containers.

The yard keeper Zoya is angry with inhabitants:

- Only I cleaned in the morning as again in the middle of the road already a lot of garbage put. Well, here nearby containers, and they in the middle of the road накидали.

Despite all these problems, there are many positive changes.

The Zavodsky district of Nikolaev became experimental. On it new schemes of garbage removal are fulfilled. As the head of department of monitoring zhilishchno - housing and communal services Departmentutilities toldLarisa Zaytseva, on the basis of subscription service "Nikolayevkomuntrans" subsidiaries which do the cleaning of streets are created. Heads of regional administrations directly supervise these subsidiaries.

- How to organize work on sanitary improvement of the area there were many various opinions, - the chief of Administration of the Factory areaspeaksVladimir Klimenko. - Came to a conclusion that it is necessary to create subscription service. A year ago we introduced the pilot project. Certainly, problems are, but there are also noticeable improvements. In the private sector everything was littered. Today there everything is ordered. On Slobodsky' streets there were constant dumps. Now there are eurocontainers, and people pay for garbage removal.We have an electronic register of all households where it is specified who pays for garbage removal who doesn't pay, how many the person lives in this household. Besides, we carry out work with businessmen -we want that all Lenin Avenue wasin a tile. Now the sidewalk on the prospectus from Ryumin Street till March 8 already in a tile. Despite crisis, businessmen go for financing of these works. But we have a big problem - shortage of containers. Nevertheless, in frequent sector we installed containers on every quarter.

Under the law the norm of emission of garbage for each inhabitant of the private sector makes 3,6 cubes a year (0,3 - in a month), and for the inhabitant of skyscrapers - 1,8 cubes a year (0,15 in a month).

In case the person carries out at home repair and there is a need to throw out construction garbage, or even it is just necessary to throw out the old TV, it isn't necessary to throw out all the junk on the street, under garbage tanks, or to try to thrust this TV into the container. Thus, you will simply damage the container, and already next day when won't be where to put new garbage, погрузните in the next spontaneous dump. There is more civilized solution. Having called by phone36-24-09(Administration of the Factory area) you take permission to garbage warehousing. Under the law you are obliged independently, at own expense to take out construction or multidimensional garbage. Services of one car which can take out it, cost about 400 hryvnias. It is possible to save, having stipulated this question with administration by specified phone as follows.A certain quantity of addresses where the same construction garbage accumulated goes to administrations. The administration employs one car which collects garbage from several addresses. And "owners of garbage" by sharing the cost pay carrier services. Leaves much cheaper, and on streets and under the house - is purer.

As the head of department of a saninspektion of Administration of the Factory areatoldTatyana Vasilenko, every Tuesday there takes place a planning meeting on which all ZhEKI of the area bring the order - the list of addresses which need to be cleaned.

- We try to clean the declared garbage within two weeks, - she told.

- Prompt to us where there is a garbage, and we will instantly react, we will clean, - the chief of administrationaddresses to inhabitantsVladimir Klimenko.

To make the area more attractive, the administration of the Factory area founded competitions:"Flowers at the house", "Flowers on a balcony" and "The enterprise - a garden" in which inhabitants, and also the enterprises and the organizations can take part. Competition takes place from 1.07.09 till 10.08.09. Demands are accepted by phones: 36-24-09 and 47-97-39. Winners are waited for by an award.

By the way,Vladimir KlimenkoI allocated Kartoplyana Hut cafe which is on crossing of Lenin Ave. and st. of Frunze.

- The enterprise - the good fellow, - was told by him. - The grass is landed, everywhere purity and an order.

Also the head of administration is imposed by the house on Galina Petrova's crossing and on March 8.

- I stand and I admire as the hostess beautifully equipped the house, - he told.

For today contracts for garbage removal with 86 percent of inhabitants of the private sector of the Factory area are signed.

- Our task - to make the register of all producers of garbage, - Larisa Zaytseva told. - If it is made, spontaneous dumps won't be.

For now the main a problem of all districts of Nikolaev are the lack of containers and their damage. When each inhabitant of area it won't be simple to want to live as in Europe, and will make it at least the minimum efforts, on streets of Nikolaev it becomes pure. Especially as in the Factory area already there are essential changes to the best. Means, the same can be reached and in other districts of the city.

Ekaterina Kolpakova


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