Gazprom will buy bankrupt German shipyards of Wadan Yards from Andrey Burlakov?

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The German shipyards of Wadan Yards will receive from the government of the State of Mecklenburg - the Western Pomerania two loans total amount of 20.5 million euros for which two transitional, temporary companies, states of shipyards necessary for preservation, 2400 employees and working Rostock-Warnemünde and Wismar will be created.

The European Union will support these companies additional 10.1 million euros, the federal government of Germany will add 15.5 million more, transfers The sea Bulletin - Sovfrakht.

Since May the owner of Wadan Yards doesn't pay a salary, it should be done to the federal government.

Konstsortsium of banks gave out a loan on 190 million euros for completion of construction of two ferries for Stena Line, the only order which escaped after the bankruptcy announcement.

However this loan can't be paid without order confirmation by the customer of Stena Line, and it still didn't make it.

By means of new loans and the transitional companies of shipyard will stretch 4 more months, hoping during this time to confirm orders of Stena Line or to catch the investor, and now interest to обнакротившимся to shipyards was expressed by two investors, one of which - Gazprom.

Wadan Yards belong 2 shipyards in the German cities of Wismar and Rostock - Varnemyunde, and also shipbuilding plant "Okean" in Nikolaev (Ukraine).


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