Rating of the Ukrainian oligarchs: Poroshenko became richer in $100 million, and Novinsky has taken off from a top-10

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In a fresh rating a top of-100 richest people of Ukraine the businessman Rinat Akhmetov has traditionally got the first place.

The corresponding rating was published by the edition Forbes-Ukraine.

According to a rating, Akhmetov's fortune is estimated in 2,3 billion dollars, having decreased for the last year by 4,6 billion dollars. Falling of cost of assets of the billionaire is connected with decrease in the world prices for iron ore raw materials and metal. In addition demand for production of MMC and within the country fell. Besides practically all enterprises of Akhmetov have a big debt to creditors.

On the second place Igor Kolomoysky, his fortune is estimated in 1,3 billion dollars. For the last five years the condition of the richest resident of Dnipropetrovsk was reduced more than twice. Last year he has left a post of the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region and has agreed with change of the head of "Ukrnafta" which was occupied by Mark Rollins. But despite changes in structure of the company, key managers of Privat group still remain on the places, writes the edition.

Gennady Bogolyubov has kept the size of the state at the former level - 1,3 billion dollars. From - for annexations of the Crimea and war in the anti-terrorist operation zone the Privatbank has lost several hundreds of offices, and has cardinally reduced revenue - to 267 million hryvnias. Nevertheless, the Privatbank is included into the list systemically of banks, important for the country.

The fourth line - for Victor Pinchuk. His fortune is estimated in 1.2 billion dollars. The last several months for the billionaire were successful: he managed to conclude settlement agreements on two claims to Kolomoysky at once.

Conditions don't reveal, but according to some information Pinchuk will be able to receive several hundreds of millions of dollars of compensation.

The five of leaders is closed by Yury Kosyuk with a condition of 1 billion dollars. Despite crisis, Kosyuk continues to invest in business development: in 2016 ohms only in the Ukrainian projects it will be enclosed to 110 million dollars. Besides, Kosyuk starts own production and processing of fowl in the Netherlands.

The fortune of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is estimated in 858 million dollars. For the last year it has grown by 100 million dollars.

Besides Roshen corporation which Poroshenko has given to "a blind trust" he owns the International investment bank, is a beneficiary of Ukrprominvest — Agro holding, and also owns a number of assets in starched, automobile, ship-building and machine-building branches. In additives, the multimillionaire has several national and regional broadcasting companies.

Aleksaya Vadatursky's condition in a year has grown by 50% and is estimated at 840 million dollars. Despite crisis, Vadatursky continues to invest in development of "Nibulon" actively. In plans on 2016-й - to invest about 60 million dollars that there are twice more indicators of 2015.

Alexander Yaroslavsky is on the eighth line of a rating with an indicator in 721 million dollars. Now Yaroslavky doesn't hurry to invest in new projects: the corresponding signals from the power are necessary.

Andrey Verevsky's fortune is estimated in 694 million dollars. Following the results of 2015-го the net profit of his Kernel company has made 106,9 million dollars, against a loss of 98,3 million dollars in 2014.

Leonid Chernovetsky closes to ten the richest people of the country, his condition is estimated in 680 million dollars. Itself Chernivtsi lives now in Georgia where is going to spend the life rest. All business - is engaged in affairs his son Stepan.

It should be noted that the top ten of a rating was left by Vadim Novinsky owning a quarter of "Metinvest" and also the owner of Ferrexpo Konstantin Zhevago.

The general state "hundreds" in general was reduced by a quarter and now makes only 20 billion dollars. For comparison, the richest person of the world - Bill Gates has about 76 billion dollars.

Reduction of a condition of the richest people of the planet was influenced by several factors at once. It and falling of staple prices that has led to exhaustion of financial streams from sale of metal, ore, drop in sales of chemical production, a flash of machine-building branch, a stop of plants in the anti-terrorist operation zone, and also loss of the Russian sales market.

We will remind, the oligarch Novinsky «on cheap stuff» I have taken nearly 10% of shares Nikolaev ChSZ.

Роман Свиридов

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