The Nikolaev area has the minimum coefficient of child mortality

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Demographic researches show that the population of the poor countries is explosive grows, and rich - grows old. As for Ukraine, it is in position of a monkey from a joke who rushed about, without knowing to whom to carry itself - to clever or to beautiful. If to judge on a standard of living, Ukraine comes nearer to the countries of Africa. And if on such indicators, as reduction of birth rate and population aging then we march in step together with all Europe.

Ukrainians come and leave...

The population of Ukraine continues to be reduced: according to Goskomstat, for half a year we became 121 854 persons less (0,26% of the population of the country). Thus, for July 1, 2009 population made 46 029 281 persons.

For half a year in the country was born 247 803, and 369 657 people, and 2 404 of them - children aged till 1 year died. Most of all kids dies in Zakarpatye - 13,7 people on each 1 thousand population. Near this sad superiority left Hmelnitskaya (13,3) and Donetsk (12,1) areas.

In the capital an indicator of child mortality one of the lowest about the country - 7,9. The minimum mortality rate of children aged till 1 year (7,3/1 thousand population) was shown by the Nikolaev and Kiev areas.

Endangered regions

According to data of department of the population of Department of economic and social affairs of the Secretariat of the UN (DESA), Ukraine in 2000-2005 was among the countries with the minimum natural increase. This tendency, according to forecasts of experts of DESA, will remain and in 2045-2050, writes

Figures of Goskomstat testify that Ukraine dies out the whole regions. Most sadly the demographic situation develops in Chernigov (for the first half of the year here was born 5 127, 11 539 people died), Sumy (respectively 5 207 and 11 136) and Poltava (7 131 and 14 044) areas.

The most favorable from the demographic point of view of steel Rivnensky area (was born 8 311, died 7 860) and Kiev (respectively, 15 677 and 14 520) - here the coefficient of a natural increase maximum and makes 0,8 on each one thousand of population. Besides, the positive natural increase was shown by the Zakarpatye area (was born 8 649, died - 8 285 people).

Medicine at anything?
The main problem of our country is that the able-bodied population, young people who could give birth to children dies. Only in the first half of the year 2009-го from the external reasons (injuries, poisonings, accidents) over 25 thousand people from which 2656 found the death in dorozhno - transport incidents were lost.

The lion's share of death is connected with various diseases. For the first six months of this year more than 244 thousand people from 369 thousand died of diseases of system of blood circulation, 43 thousand - of new growths, 15 thousand - of diseases of digestive organs.

Experts claim that however many was complaints on quality of our medicine, the main problem is covered not in it. "The health care protects health of patients. Here if the person already one foot in a grave - then all start moving: researches, drugs, operations... Seeing to it about the health in advance, to anybody and to mind won't come. It is our mentality - to react at the last minute. "The thunder won't burst - the man won't cross" is and about Ukrainians too", - shared supervision about the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper the psychologistMarina Derkach.
Daily stresses, lack of money, disappointments - all this leads to that the person is adjusted on a negative and, as a result, is more subject to the most various diseases, the psychologist states.
Other values
Experts sound alarm: if decrease in population proceeds such rates, soon we doesn't remain absolutely. However while prerequisites for change of existing tendencies aren't present.
"Any problem doesn't exist in itself. It is impossible to make so that everything around remained on - former, but thus mortality decreased, and birth rate grew", - noted the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper the deputy director of sociological service of the Center RazumkovaMikhail Mishchenko.

According to him, low birth rate in Ukraine (as, however, and in all Europe) is connected with that children aren't today a priority in system of values of the developed society. If earlier the woman was focused first of all on a family, now its interests changed, and she already wants itself to realize as the professional. Add to it and especially domestic problems - lack of due social support of mothers, problems with kindergartens, the low income - and you will understand, why the second child in the Ukrainian family - not such the frequent phenomenon.
However the demography is not naked mathematics therefore whatever constants the existing directions of development of our society seemed, with whatever eagerness the population of Ukraine aspired to zero, it nevertheless never will reach this zero. Agree: in the center of Europe it is difficult to present the country to the uninhabited.
According to Mishchenko to predict the future, disregarding all factors, - occupation ungrateful. In spite of the fact that the tendency to reduction of the population is recorded, nobody knows, how many it will exist. Living conditions and vital values and after this also society becomes another change.


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