The new NIBULONA barge use for charitable supply of grain to Ethiopia

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On Sunday, August 16, in Nikolaev on the Reloading terminal of JSC JV NIBULON within carrying out the program of trial runs loading about 4,3 thousand tons of grain on fleet "NIBULONOVSKY'S" first barge took place.

As reports a press - the company center, grain is planned for an overload on internal raid of the Nikolaev sea trade port aboard тх by KARMEN for the subsequent departure to Ethiopia within charitable deliveries of the food of the World food programme of the UN (World Food Program).

Today over the population of Ethiopia the threefold threat of hunger connected with a drought, high food price and a financial economic crisis hung.

In July of VPP the delegation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine transferred 1000 tons of wheat in the total cost 580 000 US dollars intended for providing with food about 5 million starving in Ethiopia. It was the first charitable supply of grain from Ukraine. So far VPP bought a significant amount of grain from Ukraine. So, for example, in 2008 140 000 tons were bought. In addition VPP used the paid services of air freights provided by Ukraine worldwide.


The world food programme - the world's largest humanitarian organization providing annually about 4 million tons of food. VPP is founded in 1963 as body on food aid in UN system. It is entrusted to it to give help poor in developing countries, fighting against hunger and poverty. It uses food aid for assistance to economic and social development.

Global campaign of the Program for catering services at schools is urged to provide food and formation of 300 million children suffering exhaustion worldwide. In case of emergency situations of VPP gives urgent help on life maintenance to victims of military operations, natural and technogenic catastrophes.

In quick also it is information - the propaganda activity which is carried out on the partner beginnings with establishments of the United Nations and non-governmental organizations, VPP pays the main attention to satisfaction of needs of refugees and others needing the food, emergency relief, food improvement, treatment of HIV/AIDS and education.


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