In Nikolayevshchina prepare for academic year – prepare food, patch roofs, preparation for the heating period

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On August 20 the meeting of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha with chairmen of the district state administrations, city (the cities of regional value) chairmen, heads of structural divisions of the regional state administration, territorial bodies of the ministries, other central executive authorities took place.

About new academic year and to work in the autumn - the winter period of 2009/2010 reported on a condition of preparation of institutions of formation of area the head of department of science and education of the regional state administration Valery Melnichenko, reports a press - service YEAH.

In premises of general education educational institutions maintenance is complete. For check of readiness of institutions by new academic year according to point 26 of Situation about general education educational institutions in regions (cities) of area the commissions with the assistance of representatives sanitarno - epidemiological stations, State Fire Safety Service inspections are created. For this time detours of institutions are carried out, statements of the established sample are drawn up. According to departments (managements) of education by a state for August 18 all general education educational institutions of Pervomaisk, Voznesensky and Novobuzky of areas have acts of readiness by new academic year.

By the beginning of new academic year in education institutions for means of capital repairs of local budgets it was provided to repair roofs - in 9 institutions of education it is repaired 10 (a state on 20.07.09 was 7) besides works on repair of roofs on 11 institutions of formation of Nikolaev are begun, heating systems - in 25 is repaired 19, (a state on 20.07.09 was 11), water supply - in 28 is repaired 23, (a state on 20.07.09 was 22), hot water supply-17. Made replacement of heating coppers in 16 institutions of education, it is complete works on replacement of coppers in 18 educational institutions (a state for July 20 was 12).

Heating of comprehensive schools and preschool educational institutions is carried out from 958 own fire chambers and boiler rooms, from them at natural gas works 521, 385 - coal, 46 - heating, 52 have oven heating.By state for July 27 for a heating season it is prepared 823 boiler rooms and fire chambers (a state on 20.07.09 was 447) that makes 86% of total. In September it is provided to transfer Lisogorsky comprehensive school of the May Day area and Chervonozirsky school of the Snigurevsky area to electric heating.

At the expense of the grandee of EU of the UN at 3 schools Domanevsky, Snigurevsky's 3 schools Krivoozersky's 2 schools of areas replacement of window fillings by double-glazed windows is made. For means of the regional budget double-glazed windows at Lisogirsky comprehensive school are established.

For today in general education educational institutions of area work on preparation of food that will give the chance to raise level of performance of norms of food since the beginning 2009-2010 academic years is carried out. The need of food for each institution of education is calculated on performance of an order of the head of the regional state administration by departments of formation of the district state administrations.


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