Nikolayevshchina turns into a dump

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According to ecologists, the problem of placement of industrial and household wastes is today one of the most burning issues existing in the Nikolaev area. Waste pollutes the surrounding territory and extremely negatively influences health and health of hundreds thousands of the people living in our region.

In Nikolayevshchina the total amount of the saved-up production and household waste reached astronomical figure - 33 000 000 tons. Every year the volume of new waste in our region makes about two million tons.

The greatest ecological danger is constituted by waste of the first that the second danger classes to which pesticides unsuitable to use belong also. They are sources of pollution of soil, atmospheric air, surface and underground water highly toxic chemical elements and connections (first of all it is mercury, arsenic, cadmium, antimony, fluorine, chlorine and others).

In the territory Nikolayevskooy of area there are 768,5 t of unsuitable pesticides that chemicals from which more than 700 t are stored in unsatisfactory conditions - in container not meeting the requirements of standards, and every fifth ton of pesticides in general is stored simply open-air. The government a few years ago paid attention to an existing problem, and in number of six areas of Ukraine in which events for a konteynerization of unsuitable pesticides were held, the Nikolaev area got also.

Events held, but so to solve a problem and it wasn't possible: the spent efforts and means, unfortunately, didn't lead to desirable result and didn't provide fully safe long-term storage of waste. It should be noted that in places of storage of containers there are problems which, in principle, shouldn't be: difficulties at registration of branch of the land plot, social tension. And, besides, the konteynerization of unsuitable pesticides and agrochemicals doesn't solve a problem of their negative influence on environment and human health - it only postpones the solution of this problem for any time.

For this reason an alternative way of an exit from current situation is utilization (destruction) of the saved-up pesticides. From technologies of utilization of unsuitable pesticides existing today in the world ways of high-temperature burning in special two-chamber furnaces and burning in cement furnaces are officially approved and accepted to operation in the developed countries.

In the Nikolaev area the enterprise which can take part in utilization of unsuitable pesticides, JSC Yugtsement - in case of allocation to it appropriate means on development of technical documentation and carrying out a complex the robot on introduction of technology of destruction of pesticides unsuitable to use is. Will cost not much However, this pleasure not: by estimates of experts - more than 10 million UAH. The regional budget won't be able to allocate such sum - neither today, nor in the near future. Therefore the solution of the problem of waste is postponed indefinitely.

For now ecologists and activists of public organizations sound alarm: waste prevents inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina to live in literal and figurative sense on - human. And the population of the cities and the villages located near places of storage of pesticides and other harmful substances, suffers from this neighbourhood. Oncological and other serious diseases - the constant companion of people which live in the unsuccessful Areas of Nikolayevshchina from the ecological point of view. If to divide 33 million tons of industrial and household wastes which accumulated today on Nikolayevshchina, into 1,2 million inhabitants of the region, to each of us, nikolayevets, will get on 27,5 t.

Whether there is a lot of?

Yesterday in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies with the assistance of the first deputy of the mayor Yury Granaturov meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations in Nikolaevsk city council took place. The question of construction of waste recycling plant was considered. If the plant is constructed, the situation with environmental pollution will change. But it will be in the near future. For now we live in an environment of waste...

Vitaly Shlyapnikov


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