Olga Harlan: "I awfully greedy to victories"

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To the fencer from Nikolaev Olga Harlan is on September 4 only 19 years. But her name already well know in a sporting world. Following the results of 2008NOCHarlan recognized as the best sportswoman of Ukraine Olga.

Peak of sports career of the pupil of the honored trainer of Ukraine Artem Skorokhod for today is the Olympic tournament to Beijing-2008, where the national team of Ukraine in team competitionssablistoksensationally I won gold medals. The decisive contribution in "a blue - yellow" triumph was made by Olga Harlan.

However Olya notrestson monasteries, and continues to please the now numerous fans with new achievements. Here and in the European championship which in the second half of July took place in the Bulgarian Plovdiv, Harlan for the first time I conquered two peaks - I won continental "gold" in individual and team championship.

- Olya, externally there was an impression that for Euro-2009 in Plovdiv you overcame all the competitors not only convincingly, but also it is very easy.

- I wouldn't tell that won easily. Probably, the formulation "withoutwill be more correctnadusiliya". But such course of events didn't surprise me. Before start of competitions in Plovdiv I felt that I am at form peak, on a path I had practically all. Therefore the main thing was to show everything that I could at that time. As you can see, everything left in the best way.

- However, at the last World Cup stages you, judging by results, had some recession.

- (Smiles -Bus) It appears, for me to take at the World Cup stage of 5-8 places is a recession of a form. That, it is pleasant that of me so think highly in the sports world. After all there is a lot ofsablistokof such results can dream only. But you are right, I actually at the end of spring - at the beginning of summer had a small recession. Before I at all stages Gran - at the World Cup below the third place didn't fall. But you understand that to keep at form peak all season is is unreal. The main thing, in an optimum form to approach to the main competitions of a season.The European championship was one of them.

- And still, what fight in Plovdiv was the heaviest?

- In the psychological plan it was heavy when came to a path against the girlfriends on the national team - in 1/16 finals with Elena Homrova, and in a semi-final with GalinaPundik. Similar meetings happened several times at the World Cup stages earlier. But still never our ways were crossed in the World Cups or Europe. And here at once already three duels among themselves. After all in 1/8 finals Galya Pundik won against Olya Zholner. We even joked after tournament that Ukraine can stop Ukraine only.

- How girls reacted to defeats one from another?

- Any offenses. We normally communicated, together spent all free time and forgot that at competition each of us had a sports rage. During tournament we forget about friendship, and upon completion of fights we are on friendly terms. Believe, at a leisure we weren't thrown by any word about joint duels. Today I won, someone wins tomorrow another.

- And in what complexity - they well know your strong and weaknesses?

That's not the point. I also well know them. Simply you feel that you fence with your loved ones, more precisely, partners on command. And therefore to win against them it is a little offensive. From - for it it was necessary to constrain also emotions, strongly not to rejoice. Another matter the final where Russian Ekaterina Diatchenko was my competitor. On it fight I was adjusted as on most important in life. Especially as Russia is our most basic rival in Europe, and Katya for me is unambiguousthe most inconvenientamong all Russians. But this time I to it didn't leave chances of success.

- As well as the national team of Ukraine to the same Russians in the final of team competitions.

- It was our day. Russians, on - visible, weren't ready on all hundred. Besides, we very much aspired to a revenge, after all on Gran - at we in the final conceded in Moscow to Russia. But in the European championship we in the final didn't give them any chance. Our victory was more than convincing - 45:31.

- Your advantage and in two other meetings - against Romania national teams and Hungary wasn't less striking.

- Besides, probably, it seems so from outside.And on a path everything is perceived absolutely on - to another. The same Hungarians in a quarterfinal got the best of France which was the champion of Europe two years ago. But any tournament doesn't do now without surprises. Therefore we to be concentrated from the first blow to the last. From here and such result.

- In two previous European championships Ukraine twice in the final lost: in a season of France before last, and a year ago in Kiev - Poland. And in both cases with the minimum score 44:45. Before the present final with Russia you and your partners weren't afraid, what the history can repeat in the third time in a row? After all, as speak, God loves a Trinity.

- Usually, we remembered it. But after the Olympic Games-2008 final in Beijing where we won against the national team of China also 45:44 moreover and in the face of their fans, we any more aren't afraid of anything. That peculiar damnation over us doesn't hang any more. Now we well know that all in our hands and everything depends only on us.

- But fencing - such sport where a lot of things depend and on judges.

- Absolutely correctly, so it also is. But the victory in Beijing helped us and in this question. After all in fencing of rather great importance is, whether there is at you an authority at arbitrators. And so, if earlier our team of the judge sometimes afforded not only"поддушить", and in case of need could "kill", now similar isn't present and it is close. After the Olympic Games of the judge us treat much better. No, they don't help us dishonest refereeing in relation to competitors. But it also it isn't necessary for us: in - the first, we seek to win fair competition always; and in - the second, are sure of the forces. The main thing that the arbitrator had no bias in relation to this or that party. Well and, of course, I had an appropriate level of qualification. And judicial mistakes - were, is and will be. From them anywhere you won't get to, it is one of sports components.

- Ahead the World Cup in Antalya. What your plans?

- At first it is necessary to be prepared well. In Turkey the World Cup will take place in the first of October. So after Euro-2009 in Plovdiv there is enough time to have a rest and again to gather a form. Except collecting in Alushta where we had more a rest, we planned two meetings in Germany and Italy where we will prepare already directly for world fights.As for plans, I won't hide, very much we want to win gold. After all in Beijing we became Olympic champions, now in Plovdiv - European. And here in the World Cups we won only among juniors. Therefore now it is necessary to win among adults. So we will have a mad motivation.

- And how rather personal tournament of the World Cup?

- If I win a medal, I will consider the performance successful.

- And about which of them you dream?

- And you as think?.

- It is known that on trainings you often carry out sparrings with men.

- Indeed. I consider that it is very useful both for me, and for my partners. You know when you fence with children, I will tell honestly, I make impression that I in saber fencing am able nothing. They do everything much quicker. And think on a path a little on - to other, than girls. But that similar sparrings bring benefit it is unambiguous.

- You were born and grew in Nikolaev. After the Olympic Games of-2008 offers to move to the capital didn't arrive?

- We will tell so: even if also were, I wouldn't consider them. Kiev, of course, the beautiful city, but I didn't want to live in it. I don't like big cities. It is too much vanity and noise. And I love rest and a cosiness. I in Nikolaev have all this, then why to look for to itself excess problems?

- And when you will marry, and the husband will be not from Nikolaev?

- (Laughs - the Bus) Means, it is necessary to change a registration. But not to me, but it. After all I have one powerful argument - I don't intend to change the trainer Artem Skorokhod. It absolutely suits me. And on me from its party of special complaints isn't present. Though, probably, character at me still that.

- But you started being engaged at other trainer, Anatoly Shlikarya.

- Yes, into a hall of fencing I was brought by Anatoly Nikolaevich. By the way, it is necessary me the godfather. But I quickly enough passed into Artem Skorokhod's group. Why so occurred, I already and don't remember. After all it happened long ago. And I then still was absolutely small. But as you can see, everything that doesn't become in life - becomes to the best.Though Anatoly Shlikarya's trainer's qualification at anybody doesn't raise any doubts. It is enough to tell that my partner on a "gold" Olympic team Elena Homrovaya - Anatoly Nikolaevich's schoolgirl.

- By the way, what you will tell about level of female saber fencing in Ukraine? After all the Olympic gold is, of course, well. But it not always displays the general state of affairs of this or that sport in the country as a whole.

- In our case so it also is. Yes, our national team is one of the strongest in the world. But in Ukraine as on me, there are only sixsablistokinternational class. And as a whole even in national championship a little more than thirty girls take part. And in the same Russia over hundred. Therefore in respect of preparation of a reserve of problems at us suffices. The truth assembly at us very young and for the next years, I hope, we will provide result. But all it is exactly necessary to think of the future already now. And all rests against finance. Fencing though begins on a letter "F", but it not soccer, here you won't earn much. Though I don't complain. Just I'm fine, nobody will "offend" me in the material plan. All that promised, I received - both from the state, and from local government.

- You remembered material security. In this plan of seductive offers from - for borders to change nationality to you didn't arrive? After all you still absolutely young girl, and at fencers are, as a rule, long sports career.

- Offers any didn't arrive. But I them at all that didn't consider, and even and didn't listen. I said that very much I love my native Nikolaev. I love also our Ukraine as a whole not less. At all I don't represent for myself a situation that I lived abroad. Though, for example, in the same USA it is pleasant to me. And concerning career in sports, here, I hope, I guessed with a sport. Fencers unlike, for example, gymnasts or swimmers, act at the highest level long. I personally plan to act two more, and even three Olympic cycles. After all in 2020 I will be only 30 years old. And further life will show. The main thing that there was a health. And to compete to me won't cloy never - I awfully greedy to victories.

Olga Harlan celebrates today the 19 - the anniversary. Edition "Crime.Is NOT PRESENT" wishes the outstanding sportswoman happy birthday and wishes health, good luck and new sports fulfillments.>


Olga Harlan - the Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine on fencing. I was born 4-го September, 1990 in Nikolaev. Height is 170 cm, weight is 65 kg. I graduated from the Nikolaev school of physical culture. Employee of Security service of Ukraine. Relationship status - I am not married. Hobby - music, dances. The trainer - the honored trainer of Ukraine Artem Skorokhod.

The Olympic champion of 2008 in team competitions. The silver prize-winner of the World Cup of 2007 in team competitions. The champion of Europe of 2008 in personal and team competitions. The silver prize-winner of the European championships 2007 and 2008 in team competitions. The numerous winner and the prize-winner of stages Gran - at the World Cup in personal and team competitions. Today in a world rating takes the fourth place. The triple world champion among juniors (2007-2009) in individual competition. Owner of a junior World Cup of 2007.

It is recognized as the best sportswoman of Ukraine in 2008.


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