Don't poison in a supermarket: in "Silpo" and "EKO" 22,4% of production

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Nikolaev management for protection of the rights of consumers since the beginning of 2009 in 16 supermarkets is checked goods for the sum of 596,5 thousand UAH, rejected and removed from sale - for the sum of 133,4 thousand UAH or 22,4% from the checked quantity.

The percentage ratio of defective production in supermarkets to defective production in a distribution network of area makes 19,8%.

The main shortcomings on which it was rejected or removed from sale production is an absence of information for consumers about product structure, the name of the importer, his address and other data - 58,1% of defective goods. Absence of quality certificates and safety of goods - 25,3%, realization of goods with the settled expiration date of-1,4%, realization of goods which didn't meet the requirements of normative documents - 35,2%.

When checking Silpo shop of JSC Fozzi YUG (Geroyev Stalingrad Ave., 20/7) rejected 21 names of goods, namely:

  • halvah sunflower with milk of production of JSC Druzhkivska HSF of the Donetsk Region on organoleptic indicators,

  • bread offensive and bread Odessa rye productions of JSC Odessky karavay from - for settled suitability term,

  • "Malyash's" gingerbreads and "Northern" productions of JSC VKF Ilart Odessa on organoleptic that physics - to chemical indicators,

  • coulibiac with apple and cinnamon, a roll with raisin of own production from - for nedokladyvaniye of raw materials and on organoleptic indicators,

  • beer of two names from - for deposit existence,

  • grain manna and millet TM "Full Bowl" of production of state of emergency of Petchenko of.Kiev according to the overestimated content of garbage impurity,

  • production of own production 4-x names from - for settled an expiration date.

Removed from sale from - for absence of full information for consumers:

  • liqueur of "Elder" of production of Italy,

  • Domiati cheese of production of Denmark,

  • buckwheat squash with milk of production of Russia from - for absence of information on the name of the importer and his addresses,

  • drink alcoholic "Vermouth Muscat" productions of JSC Starokozatsky vin zavod from - for absence of the name of fragrance,

  • cheese sausage smoked productions of JSC PAPS.

  • When checking production mainly producers and suppliers from other regions of the country was rejected, but also production of local producers was rejected also:

  • Vermouth white "Marengo" dry 1/1L, production date 07.06.08р. productions of JSC Koblevo from - for deposit existence,

  • eggs Blagodatnitsky's chicken food productions птицекомбината from - for lack of a stamp and impurity.

When checking a supermarket of JSC EKO (Hersonskoye Highway, 38а) according to laboratory researches goods of own production are rejected:

  • Riga salad by mass part of meat in a product and to organoleptic indicators,

  • cabbage stewed with pork by mass part of meat,

  • roll rich vanilla by mass part of fat and organoleptic indicators.

Are removed from sale:

  • cheese of "Delikateskaril" of 45% date of production 15.10.08 productions of Bulgaria from - for absence of the name of vegetable fats,

  • not aerated soft drink with extract of green tea "Citrus Taste" 1/1,5L productions of JSC Multon Rossiya from - for absence of names or the international symbols of fragrances,

  • olive oil of production Greece 1/1000ML from - for absence of the name and the full address of the importer,

  • pie "Chocolate cocktail" productions of JSC MIK from - for absence of the name of dye.

  • When checking the Amstor supermarket of JSC TV Amstor" (Lazurnaya St., 17) are rejected:

  • wine white dry "Jean Jean Lio Pechee" production France from - for deposit existence;

  • pasta from - for discrepancies to ND,requirements

  • sugar by the overestimated part of moisture of production of JSC SGP Sakharnoye Harkovskaya area,

  • sugar packed up marking productions of JSC Rodnoy produkt.

Goods in number of 19 names from - for absence of full available information on production of the producer and the importer are removed from realization.

Materials of check of MF JSC FOZZI YUG (Chkalov St., 82) are under consideration.

On the revealed violations when checking supermarkets to administrative responsibility responsible persons for the sum of 2,944 thousand UAH, on the enterprises imposed administratively - economic penalties for the sum of 54,9 thousand UAHare attracted


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