Pilots of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" brought to the port water area Youzhny a vessel with unique freight

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On September 7 port pilots of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" brought to the Adzhalyksky estuary and moored to the new mooring of JSC Transinvestservice (YEW) a vessel about 13 game - teynerny loading cranes.

The vessel "Zhen Hua 11" (a flag of Saint - Vincent and the Grenadine) delivered 10 rear and three mooring container loading cranes for the mooring No. 21. Length of a specialized vessel for transportation of heavyweights - 243,8 m, width - 39,35 m

Conducting and mooring were executed by the chief of the port pilot service (PPS) "Youzhny" Victor Pilipenko and the deputy chief of PLS Ivan Shevchenko in the presence of the captain of Youzhny port Leonid Tchaikovsky. Previously the scheme of conducting and "Zhen Hua 11" mooring was made.Earlier pilots fulfilled a zavodka of vessels to the new mooring the YEW in the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Branch training center (Nikolaev).

- Pilot operation was difficult doubly. In - the first, for the first time a vessel put to the new mooring, in - the second, - in itself "Zhen Hua 11" - a unique vessel, - the chief of PLS "Youzhny"toldVictor Pilipenko. - From - for load high cranes visibility from the running bridge was limited.

The pilot also noted that from - for a fresh wind, big windage of court to the mooring approached very carefully. "But moored as speak on fleet, with an easy contact", - I toldVictor Pilipenko.

We will remind, the decision on "Zhen Hua 11" statement in the water area of Youzhny port and unloading of the equipment for installation of the mooring No. 21 of the container terminal of JSC Transinvestservice was accepted on September 4 at meeting in the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine. The temporary technological scheme of mooring of a vessel to the mooring No. 21 and the equipment unloadings, coordinated with the captain of Youzhny port, without mooring inclusion in the set of Obligatory resolutions on port was developed.

JSC Transinvestservice got 13 container loading cranes for the sum of 26 million euros at the Chinese Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC). "It is the most large contract for delivery of the port reloading equipment from China to Ukraine and in general to Eastern Europe", - notes a press - service YEW.


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