The circus-2 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies didn't take place – meeting of advisory council took place almost quietly

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Meeting of advisory council which turned last time in circus in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, this time I passed much more quietly. The leader of meeting I was againSergey Kiselyov. He specified at once how incorrectly shined last action some the Internet - the edition which name he didn't specify. It is necessary to notice that the material mentioned by it considerably affected behavior of - onKiselyovaand even some participants of meeting.

For example, itselfSergey Borisovich, at all the about - very emotional nature, I made infernal efforts to behave. He accurately watched both for by the own words, and tone.

And the woman who was present at meeting was obviously angry onKiselyova, probably, in the light of last meeting. And, despite rather angelic behavior of "leader", I dared to raise the voice:

- Behave decently, nobody interrupted you! - simply - she cried onKiselyova, when that once again specified to the chairman of committee of self-organization of the residential district the Dry fountainTo Gennady Topalovon uselessness of its remarks.

By the way, g - NTopalov, as always, I spoke much. And g - NKiselyov, probably, too as always, I didn't want it to listen and brightly I showed it. As soon asTopalovI started "speaking", Kiselyov right there showed the attitude towards him and his words: pier, what you rave? There was an impression thatKiselyovandTopalovspeak different languages. Despite it, at them much in common - it is possible, in it and the reason of mutual misunderstanding between these two people is covered.

In advisory council there was one more outstanding personality - the former colonel, the head of one of public organizations who at the first meeting offered itself as the main thing in the direction connected with power structures was so presented.Nevertheless, as the person who has got used to an order and clearness, he tried to direct meeting closer to the purpose.

- To attract public organizations, we have to interest them, - he told. - And we can interest them in two things: 1) free access to mass media, at least to city, and it is free; 2) financing of programs.

Now, in - the first and who prevents public organizations to have access to mass media? Or still tell, what for communication with journalists those extort money? Another matter if the organization can't interest the press, won't be able to tell the public through mass media about the affairs.

By the way, at g meeting - NKiselyovseveral times I told that the press ignores its organization - journalists write nothing about advisory council. Well, we already sounded the reason, though the statementKiselyovanot absolutely truthfully. The former colonel right there supported his thought: "Means, someone gave command! ". Гы - гы.

And in - the second - about financing of programs. Too гы - гы.

In - the third won't be, a site not rubber.

Now directly about meeting. Anything concrete again didn't solve.

Public men gathered to tell, how many public organizations they rang round and that about them found out. Any concrete figures it wasn't sounded. All information on the real-life organizations in the city isn't collected. Though, probably, it there was an intermediate control.

Further. As far as it became clear from this about what spoke the chairman and "company", the advisory council intends "to control" city budget. Here it would be possible to put the surprised smilie and "crazy" smilie.

On it, the second meeting, the same problems "got out", as on the first - not all being present had the draft of the provision on advisory council which the chairman shortly was going to hang out for a site. Not all even knew, what activities of the organization. When began to bring up these questions, g - NKiselyovagain разнервничался. Generally, changed nothing.

P. S. :Antonina GalkinaI didn't come to the meeting


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