The chief physician of Bereznegovatsky TsRB it is groundless has lifted rent of "Pharmacy", having caused KP more than 30 thousand of a loss, - a regional council

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The management of Bereznegovatsky central regional hospital in the Nikolaev region is groundless has raised a rent rate for the municipal enterprise «Pharmacy» , referring to the decision of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine which isn't valid. As a result of it in three years of KP the loss of more than 30 thousand hryvnias has been caused.

About it there was a speech in the course of a meeting of the constant deputy commission on questions zhilishchno - municipal services, regulation of municipal property, privatization and capital construction of the Nikolaev regional council on Tuesday, October 18.

About a conflict situation which has arisen even in the spring of the current year deputies were told by the head «Pharmacy» Evgenia Redkina:

Evgenia Redkina
- Earlier the sum of rent made 1,5 thousand hryvnias. But after we have made property assessment, it has made only 278 hryvnias that is directly provided by the legislation. According to an order and the technique (approved by regional council–PN) we have to pay this sum. Beginning, since April we transfer this money, but in violation of provisions of the lease the chief physician of hospital Victoria Samoylova doesn't agree with it and asks us to free the room. We in turn repeatedly including in writing, suggested to resolve a controversial issue in a judicial proceeding.

As the expert of the office of regional council Elena Tkachenko has explained, calculation of the rent is perfromed only on the basis of independent expert assessment and the technique accepted by regional council. According to her, the chief physician in this case in 2013 has self-willedally increased rent, than has exceeded the authority.

- That is, since 2013, there is an illegal calculation of the rent and collecting with «Pharmacy» the increased sum. As a result of it in three years the loss of the enterprise has made more than 30 thousand hryvnias.And it is only straight losses if to say that this money has been taken from current assets, then losses will increase, - she has reported. - Calculation of rent has been made on the basis of the technique accepted by regional council, he corresponds to the legislation, and the hospital just has no right to demand other amount of the rent.

In turn, the chief physician of TsRB Victoria Samoylova who is present at a meeting of the commission has declared that at increase in a rate she was guided by a certain decision of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine. It is remarkable that together with her from the area there has arrived the whole support group as a part of representatives of regional council and lawyers.

- The fact that the rent was is groundless is raised, it is not absolutely the truth. Because in 2013 in TsRB there took place check by Antimonopoly committee, there is AMKU conclusion for what penalties have been inflicted on hospital. We have paid a penalty that was is groundless the rent is underestimated «Pharmacy». And we have been forced to increase the rent, - Samoylova has told.

Victoria Samoylova at the left
Deputy heads of regional council with the lawyer

However, both deputies, and specialists of regional council have expressed the opinion that the decision of Antimonopoly committee in this case has no relation to the amount of the rent up to that the hospital needed to appeal against him but not to pay a penalty.

Victoria Moskalenko
The chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Victoria Moskalenko has urged to put «fat point» in this question:

- You do a problem from scratch! This municipal enterprise which is supported today by regional council. Therefore give we will put the end to it. Also it isn't necessary to us either lawyers, or deputy heads of regional councils, the issue is completely resolved in the legal course. There is no problem at all, «Pharmacy» rents the room and pays you the rent. It doesn't violate a uniform image anybody's rights. And on it a point, all! The conflict is exhausted, be engaged in another matters, in the Bereznegovaty area there are a lot of problems!

The head of the deputy commission Georgy Tashlyk has taken an interest at the chief of management of municipal property of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Olga Vidina and that she has made for a solution, that has answered that «can only consult» , and has no to interfere the right. The same position was taken also by the representative of management of health care of RSA.

- It is clear, this question is interesting to nobody, - Tashlyk has drawn a conclusion.

As a result the decision to recommend to parties of the conflict to settle a situation in the legal framework and to resolve an issue concerning indemnification has been made. In case at them it doesn't turn out to make it independently, deputies intend to connect law enforcement agencies to process.

Катерина Вовченко

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