The oligarch A.Yaroslavsky will extract granite in the Nikolaev area

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The co-owner of Ukrsibbank Alexander Yaroslavsky decided not to lag behind the Petersburg businessman Vadim Novinsky who started buying up actively shchebnevy pits in Ukraine.

Structures of the Kharkov businessman issued control at once over two producers of rubble in the Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev areas and advertized desire to occupy about 20% of the domestic market of this production in the next years.

Created in 2007 for management of assets of the Kharkov businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky the DCH group (Development Construction Holding) forces the entry into the industry of building materials. As "DS" became known, DCH began active buying up of the domestic enterprises for production of granite which is used for production of granite rubble, and created subholding on management of the nonmetallic assets - JSC Ukrainian Mining Company. According to the company, its strategy provides a gain of 20% of the relevant national market already through three - four years. However to achieve the planned objectives it will be difficult because, except - on Yaroslavl, not less ambitious plans concerning shchebnevy business are made by some other the influential businessmen doing business in our country. Among them as already I reported "DS", Russians are allocated: the Muscovite Igor Naumets controlling the Yunigran company, and the Petersburger Vadim Novinsky which sphere of influence includes JSC Smart-holding.

Entry of DCH into shchebnevy business began with acquisition of the May Day pit "Granite" in the Nikolaev area. At the end of 2007 of 88% of actions of this enterprise which were earlier under control of his chairman of the board Victor Zastavnyuk, I bought close by - well Yaroslavl the Cyprian company Bardier Technologies Limited. The amount of transaction stayed behind scenes, however hardly to new owners concentration of a controlling stake of joint stock company which following the results of 2007 gained 56,7 million UAH of income and 4,9 million UAH of net profit, cost less than, $5 million. After merger of the enterprise thoughts of Kharkov citizens directed in the Dnepropetrovsk area where JSC Blastko got to their field of vision.This company as already I wrote "DS", was created on the basis of liquidated JSC Krivorozhsky granitny karyer and mastered the Kolomoyevsky field of granites. "Blastko" until recently was under Konstantin Nosov's control - the son ex-the owner of Krivorozhsky central rudoremontny plant Vladimir Nosov who made the decision to get rid of the asset. The transaction was complete last week when the Cyprian company Wollaston Investments Limited which has issued in the property of 99,7% of actions of joint stock company became the new head of the supervisory board of the enterprise instead of Konstantin Nosov. It as well as Bardier Technologies, is the structure which is directly related to the owner of DCH to Alexander Yaroslavsky." Today in a completion stage there are some more transactions on acquisition of similar assets", - told "DS" the senior manager on investments of the Ukrainian mining company Denis Popov. According to its data, taking into account the carried-out transactions of power of DCH group allow to let out more than 4 million tons of rubble a year (nearly 5% of expected all-Ukrainian production of this production in 2008).

If plans of - on Yaroslavl in the market of building materials are realized, it can press positions of the Yunigran company of - on Naumts which now makes a little more than 4 million tons of rubble annually. However, the Muscovite obviously isn't going to hand over a position and already declared intention to bring a level of production of rubble of the enterprise to 6,5 million tons by 2010. Besides it, the smart - holding" Vadim Novinsky who at the beginning of 2008 declared the intention by 2010 due to acquisition and development of granite pits in Ukraine to come to output more than 10 million tons of rubble a year has desire to earn on production demanded by builders ". However, to say that between mentioned business - groups will be developed uncompromising competitive fight, it isn't necessary. The need for rubble which is used at a construction of roads, asphalt and concrete production, constantly grows in CIS countries, and the place in this market has to suffice all.


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