Nikolayevshchina and other resort regions after check tax paid in addition in the budget of 158 million UAH

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As a result of GNAU checks in the budget 158 million UAH are in addition added following the results of a resort season, reports a press - service GNAU. In particular, in July - September, 2009 in the southern regions of Ukraine (ARE the Crimea, the Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson Region and Sevastopol) bodies of the State Tax Administration performed the operation "Resort".

Over 16 thousand checks on observance of an order of carrying out calculations for goods (services), requirements for regulation of the address of cash, existence of trade patents and licenses and t were during this time carried out.. Besides, 12 thousand events for identification of the facts of implementation of economic activity without allowing documents are held.

By results of these actions the sum of additional charges makes nearly 158 million UAH. "A main objective of such control - increase выторгов at subjects of business activity. By results of the taken measures almost at all checked subjects of housekeeping the increase in the sum of calculations for the reporting period is established. For April - August of this year on the specified regions выторги grew almost by 1 billion UAH and made 37 billion UAH. Last year they, respectively, made 36 billion hryvnias", - the vice-chairman of GNAU Natalia Ruban declared.

From illegal circulation it is withdrawn goods for the sum of 138 million UAH, including excise goods - for the sum of 33 million hryvnias, from them alcoholic beverages - on 25 million hryvnias.

The special attention also was provided to observance by businessmen of provisions of the law of Ukraine concerning a gaming ban. So, according to the head of GNAU in ARE the Crimea Vyacheslav Busarev, the Crimean tax specialists established 68 facts of illegal service in the sphere of gambling and entertaining business. 581 units of the gambling and entertaining equipment are withdrawn from illegal circulation for total amount about 8 million hryvnias.

"Efficiency of our work is estimated in taxes which arrive in the budget. And receipts from resort areas in 8 months.the current year in comparison with the similar period of previous year increased by 240 million UAH, including for a summer season - by 61 million UAH. And this with the fact that number of vacationers decreased by 10-15%", - the deputy head of GNAU emphasized.


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