As Ukrainians worried the first day without "eight"

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People filled cones, being trained to call on межгороду and on mobile on - new

In Ukraine cancelled "eight". The first day passed not absolutely smoothly - connection through zero earned not at once, but the most important that far the answering machine, which task to explain to subscribers as they should call now not everywhere was connected.

"I communicate by phone with clients from other cities much, but today since morning couldn't make some important calls, send by fax forms of financial documents, - the manager Maxim Pochatun speaks. - It is good that is mobile, differently I could from - for it to lose orders". It was difficult to reach and by help phone 170 and 176. It was necessary to expect connection on some minutes. Operators answered only the simplest questions, for example, as now it is necessary to dial number, and that after a set of "eight" the answerphones much of them simply have to work didn't know.

The head of technical department of "Ukrtelecom" Vladimir Matkovsky cleared up. He explained slips with the technical reasons supposedly didn't manage to recustomize all of automatic telephone exchange and promised that by October 15 across all Ukraine everything will work, as hours, including answerphones. Matkovsky focused attention that zero is gained not INSTEAD OF the eight, now at a call on межгороду or on mobile it is necessary to gather ONE FIGURE LESS. For example, if earlier from Kiev to Donetsk called 8062 and phone number, now 062 and phone number: "Having gathered at the beginning of number 0-0, you will get abroad and pay for conversation on the international tariff! ".

Once again we remind: it is correct to call on межгороду (to Kiev): 0 - 44 - seven-digit number. Abroad (to Moscow): 0 - 0 - 7 - 495 - seven-digit number. On mobile (for example, "Kiyevstar") 067 - customer address or +38067 - customer address.


It passed with problems: not always I worked "zero", answerphones were silent, from - for what not all knew how now to call to other city or the country

1. Not always worked connection after a set of figures "00 - a city code - phone number" and "00 - a country code - a city code - phone number"

2.At number set on old system "8 - 0 code of the city - phone number" and "8 - 10 - a country code - a city code - phone number" some stations connected to subscribers. In the reference of the Ukrtelecom 109 this incident explained that automatic telephone exchanges managed to reprogram not all.

3. On many numbers didn't work the answerphones explaining how it is necessary on - new to dial number, and after a set of figure "8" at once there were short beeps. To find out how it is correct to dial number, subscribers should call in help (as a rule, 109 because very few people remembered specialized numbers 170 and 176).

4. Numbers of the reference 170 and 176 were overloaded, it was necessary to wait for connection for 2-3 minutes.

5. Operators of references couldn't explain why don't work answerphones. After persistent requests at best gave phone number on which it is possible to find out it. Some operators in general claimed that... no answerphones exist.

Data source: monitoring "Today"

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