Payments on deposits of natural persons of "Ukrprombank" will begin in November, - "The Businessman - Ukraine"

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The representative of temporary administration of "Ukrprombank" Igor Vlasyuk considers that payments on deposits of natural persons of "Ukrprombank" will begin in November, the Businessman - Ukraine" reports ". The volume of deposits of individuals of Ukrprombank for September 1 made 6,838 billion UAH. He specified that the decision on further destiny of deposits of legal entities isn't made. The volume of their deposits in bank for September 1 made 1,644 billion UAH

Also it is reported that the National bank of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the joint resolution on transfer to Rodovid bank of assets and liabilities of "Ukrprombank". "The decision on a transfer of deposits of natural persons is made. Assets of "Ukrprombank" will be estimated. If there are healthy and liquid credits, they also will be translated", - the director of the department of foreign economic relations of NBU Sergey Kruglik reported to the edition.

The Rodovid bank is ready to begin return of deposits in a month. "To us deposits of natural persons and, most likely, all credits of legal entities and individuals after the estimated company will carry out their analysis will be translated. We conferred with temporary administration of "Ukrprombank" and intend to translate liabilities till November 17, a possible delay - about five days. The transfer of assets is planned to finish before administration and moratorium completion of work in "Ukrprombank", - the interim administrator of Rodovid bank Sergey Shcherbina told the edition. The moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors in Rodovid bank works till December 15, "Ukrprombank" - till January 21, 2010

For return of deposits of "Ukrprombank" the unprofitable bank "Rodovid" needs to be capitalized repeatedly by means of OVGZ. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recapitalized bank in July of this year - authorized capital grew to 2,8 billion UAH, but from - for losses of the III quarter own capital of Rodovid bank appeared less authorized - 1,59 billion UAH of Page.Shcherbina it is sure that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is capitalized by Rodovid Bank in volume, sufficient for implementation of standards, but it isn't less than a sum of deposits which provides Fund of guaranteeing deposits of natural persons. "Now it is 5,6 billion UAH. Considering that we plan to begin payments of deposits till November 16, recapitalization has to be carried out also to 16-го, - marked out S. Shcherbin, having emphasized that the Rodovid bank plans to take away and part of offices of "Ukrprombank".- The joint group estimates branches and "Ukrprombank" offices, and then the decision will be made that we take away, and that - isn't present".


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