Nikolayevshchina is ready to start heating, here only for gas still didn't pay

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On October 26 meeting of board of the regional state administration at which among other questions the ready state of the Nikolaev area by the beginning of a heating season 2009-2010 was considered took place, transfers a press - service YEAH.

The head of department zhilishchno - municipal services of the regional state administration E.L. Gladkov reported that in the current interheating period in work on acceptance of readiness of objects of a heat supply and heatconsumption is involved a goszhilkommuninspektion in the Nikolaev area.

On results of control checks of readiness of housing stock in Nikolaev, Pervomaisk zhilishchno - remarks on separate houses concerning renewal of thermal insulation of basement pipelines, completion of thermal knots by thermometers and monometers which for this time in the main volume are executed are provided to the operational enterprises.

Hydraulic tests of intra house systems of housing stock, as the main indicator, finished till September 15.

The area is ready to a heating season and there began heating all budgetary institutions equipped with autonomous boiler rooms and fire chambers 1073 (92%) and 3306 (57%) houses with individual heating, 334 houses on the centralized heating (in a periodic mode on indicators of temperature of external air).

According to demands of the budgetary institutions the centralized sources of a heat supply of OKP of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" (20 boiler rooms), by KP "Warmly" Pervomaisk (10 boiler rooms - 100%) are put into operation, KP "Heat — Service" Voznesensk (5 boiler rooms - 100%) began in full heating of consumers in Yuzhnoukrainsk.

At rather high level of calculations for the used natural gas in last heating season (88%) which is one of the best in Ukraine, requirements for discipline of full calculations from NAK "Neftegaz of Ukraine" work and now (debt of OKP of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" - 10,9 million UAH, including 4,6 million UAH on the population and 6,3 million UAH - the budget; JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant of 2,35 million UAH, including 1,05 million UAH on the population and 1,3 million UAH - the budget).

Considering that the heatsupplying enterprises suffered substantial damages on heating of the budgetary institutions gas cost on which throughout a heating season increased by 4 times last winter, the main source of calculations for the used natural gas are population receivables which in particular across Nikolaev make - 20,5 million UAH, across Pervomaisk - 5,6 million UAH

There is unpaid a debt of establishments which are financed from the state budget for the sum nearly 1,0 million UAH, the sum has to be directed on payment for gas.

In area the created regional working group on the timely beginning and continuous passing of a heating season by which introduction in operation of thermal sources, connections of consumers, the conclusions of contracts for supply of natural gas by the heatsupplying enterprises, receiving limits of gas is daily controlled.

The Nikolaev city council plans at the beginning of this week carrying out extraordinary session of city council for the purpose of redistribution of means and the direction of 3,0 million UAH for renewal of a credit line by calculations for natural gas.

According to Rules of service to the population for heat - water supply and a heating drainage system for the population which receives the centralized services of a heat supply, will begin at decrease in temperature of external air of +8 °C for three days.


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