"Construction war" in the center of Nikolaev — the conflict grows

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In the center Nikolaev opposition between inhabitants of the yard down the street Shevchenko, 64а and the businessman Eduard Dzhumazhanov was resumed on October 28.

Events developed as follows. Since morning to the yard the dump truck drove, then there were builders moreover accompanied by police officers. Workers began to dismantle the part of a fence adjacent to the house on Potemkinskaya St., 67. Literally at once after the work beginning on the street the indignant inhabitants who blocked work "poured out". Two young men even climbed up on the dump truck a fence, having practically closed it the bodies.

- At us gradually, throughout a long time the yard is selected. It anything other, as attempt "to stake out" the right for our yard. It (Eduard Dzhumazhanov - a bus) has no relation to our yard. The jeweler center is in the neighboring yard, in the neighboring yard there lives one his employee, one there has rooms, - Tatyana Arutyunyan shared. - As far as I understand, he now wants to make an exit to our yard "to stake out" the right for it.

According to inhabitants of the yard down the street Shevchenko, Edurad Dzhumazhanov, allegedly, in the future in the territory of "the yard" intends to construct hotel. Exactly for this purpose, as people consider, and the new entrance to the building becomes. People and that there are documents for arrangement of separate departure from the yard across Potemkinskaya are revolted. For this purpose, according to numerous instructions and decisions of officials of various level, it is necessary all - navsy... to demolish unsuccessfully settled down shooting gallery.

- According to documents this shooting gallery had to demolish still a year ago but why - that it doesn't become, - people were indignant.

Edurad Dzhumazhanov has in this respect the point of view. It showed to the employees who have arrived to a place quickly - an investigation team of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs the solution of session of the Nikolaev City Council and permission of GASK to arrangement of an entrance to the apartment belonging to it which is across Potemkinskaya, 67. In his opinion, both yards - for general use, and are inexpedient to speak about their any division. Today's works, according to the director of the jeweler center, were carried out at all for further arrangement of an exit to the yard, and, allegedly, for its reconstruction.The fence, according to Eduard Dzhumazhanov was constructed for a long time, now it actually became useless: in it sprouted roots of nearby trees etc.

Couldn't "relieve" the tension and the police officers who have arrived into place. After explanations were taken from both conflicting parties, and wishing could write applications, militiamen "allowed" further work, referring to a package of the allowing documents provided by the director of the jeweler center.

Inhabitants of the yard down the street Shevchenko disagreed with similar statement of a question especially as project according to which works were carried out, except police officers so anybody and didn't see.

- At all respect for police officers, I doubt that many of you are able to read drawings, - one of "Protestants" noted.

Further, already in the presence of militiamen, between conflicting parties there was one more skirmish. Some people again tried to prevent fence dismantle - builders tried to resume works. "Till it bleeds" didn't reach, but to one of inhabitants tore a jacket.

Both parties of the conflict couldn't find "common ground", and the situation at any time can develop into physical opposition.


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