In Nikolayevshchina the jealous man killed the wife when it came back home after daily "hellbender"

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Absence of the wife of the house became more than days the basis of the tragic final. Vasily lived with Galina in marriage more than 13 years. Both worked at building, and after work were engaged in common causes on economy. 42- summer Galina was 12 years younger than the husband and Vasily who is in love with the wife, despite of doubts concerning decency of the half, nevertheless forgave her periodic tricks.

That day, having returned after work, Vasily didn't find the wife of the house. Searches of darling in acquaintances and relatives didn't yield results, moreover, Vasily in the course of search "accepted" some shot glasses of vodka and by the evening the already drunk came home and went to bed. For the second day the wife didn't appear and the history with searches repeated.

To Vasily's surprise there was no limit when, having returned in the evening, he houses saw the darling who was tipsy moreover and defiantly showed the money which origin I refused to explain. Also Galina didn't hurry to report to the man and about the adventures. On all questions of the husband I took away a subject to other course.

From where the wife had money, the man didn't manage to find out, as well as didn't manage to find out the reason of its absence. Understanding that dialogue between spouses won't take place, the angered owner struck with fists some blows to the wife to the head, than and put the end to their family relations. From traumatized the woman died, without regaining consciousness.

Despite of Galina's faint, to ambulance arrival Vasily even didn't try to help it.

The investigation is carried. Vasily who already served sentence for commission of hooligan actions, completely admits the guilt and is distressed about the lost life of darling.


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