In Nikolaev checked drugstores on existence of antiviral preparations. Results aren't very comforting

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Epidemic progresses, and in drugstores of Nikolaev on - former there are no antiinfluenzal preparations.

In the drugstore located indoors "City - the center", under glass hangs the big plate with transfer of everything, senselessly what to ask. It: oksolinovy ointment, masks, амизон, arbidol, анаферон and гропринозин.

In a drugstore on crossing of Lenin Avenue and Engineering on a question, whether there is something from flu, the pharmacist articulately answered: "-that - го". On reaction it was visible that so she happened to answer already many visitors.

In many drugstores it is necessary to observe big turns. People ask, generally one and too - and receive the same answers. Gauze bandages in drugstores aren't present - people are ready to sew them therefore ask at least simply a gauze. It, thank God, in drugstores while suffices...

As the chief of the State inspectorate for control of quality of medicines in the Nikolaev area Nina Slavko reported, yesterday in Nikolaev 22 subjects of economic activity who are engaged in realization of drugs and products of medical appointment were checked.

Results of checks of 26 city drugstores belonging to these subjects, were not very comforting.

- All antiviral preparations that were available our drugstores yesterday and the day before yesterday, are bought up, but still it is possible to buy an inhaler a dolphin. And in general, everything that arrives - is bought up during the day. What situation now? Gauze - a little bit, gloves and dezsredstvo for processing of hands - in limited quantity, with protective masks a situation in general intense. And, most likely, those masks, which receipt it is expected soon, will be sent to medical institutions, - Nina Mikhaelovna told.

According to her, in performance of the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1154 (which the limit of the prices of separate medicines and products of medical appointment is established), in some drugstores of Nikolaev markdowns on some of preparations - on the average, for 60 kopeks were made. As for oksolinovy ointment, it on - former in the Nikolaev drugstores is absent.

- We inform Kiev on everything and we hope that soon the situation will improve.In particular, receipt of the preparation "Amizon" in a network of drugstores "Medicine for you" the other day is expected, - Slavko told, having added that from now on also tax inspection will join checks of drugstores.

- It isn't excluded that to some subjects more drastic measures" will be taken, - the chief of the State inspectorate for control of quality of medicines in the Nikolaev area summarized.

As the extraordinary anti-epidemic commission at the regional state administration reports, as of November 2 in the Nikolaev area with respiratory virus infections 176 people, from them - 101 children fell ill. The diagnosis "flu" is made to 7 citizens, among which - two children. 38 diseased, from them two children is hospitalized.

We remind phone numbers on which it is round the clock possible to get advice of doctors: 22-12-47 (for adult population), 23-60-11 (for children).


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