The State Banks can't divide clients: "The delta - the pilot" leaves from Ukreksimbank

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To support recapitalized banks, the government started the translation to them on service of the largest state companies.

From - for increases in number of the banks belonging to the state, Oshchadbank and Ukreksimbank lose the biggest customers. For the last some months on service in recapitalized Ukrgazbank, Rodovid Bank and Kiev bank financial streams of the greatest state companies, such as NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, "Ukrtelecom" and "Ukrzaliznytsya" were translated. Soon the same fate expects the airport "Borispol", "Ukrpochta" and NAEK "Energoatom".

The greatest jackpot was hit by Ukrgazbank - some large state companies with milliard annual turnovers, first of all "Naftogaz" became his clients at once. "In the next plans cooperation with the Ukrzaliznytsi and Ukrtelekoma enterprises, - speak in financial establishment.

To tell as far as the turn of means after arrival of new clients will increase, in Ukrgazbank refused. Exact figures can't call and analysts, reports "Business".

Inthe Nikolaev office of Kiev bank to service is passed by the state company "The Delta — the Pilot"- this is the operator of management largest in Ukraine channels, sailing directions and dredging."Before The Delta — the Pilot company was served in Ukreksimbank", - the chairman of the board of Kiev bank Yury Maslov speaks. What turns of the operator will pass through bank, he didn't specify. But "The delta - the pilot" is the company through which pass hundreds millions hryvnias. So, following the results of 9 months of work it showed profit in 303,5 million UAH

Besides this company, the bank wants to attract on service and other public industries. "At the moment the bank is in process of negotiations with the Borispol and Energoatom airport.

State companies are so great that their financial streams are distributed between several recapitalized banks. It is planned that the Borispol airport and the Energoatom company will be served both in Kiev bank, and in "Rodovida". In the Bank Is well-born the Ukrgeologiya company passes to service also, reports "Business".

Experts are solidary in opinion that the government started the "big" translation to support recently acquired banks.


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