Fight against crisis: Russia bypassed Ukraine

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Crisis painfully struck over all countries. One of them successfully creep out of an economic hole, and others - tail after. Our country traditionally concerned to the last including because the wave of crisis overflowed Russia later, than many developed countries. But now Russia on the index of anti-recessionary efficiency counted by the FBK company, shows improvement.

As note in FBK, in August of the Russian Federation for the first time for the last months I was better both Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. If the last place of Ukraine in a rating became already traditional, movement of Russia on a line up became a pleasant surprise, is spoken in research.

According to the director of the department of the strategic analysis of FBK Igor Nikolaev, such "castling" became a consequence of a number of factors: "In Kazakhstan negative dynamics on a turn of retail trade became stronger. This indicator in August, 2009 made a minus of 17,8% in comparison with the similar period of last year (in July 2009 was a minus of 17,2%). Russia also can't brag of positive dynamics. But all - its indicator - the minus of 9,8% (in July a minus of 8,3%) - is significantly better Kazakhstan". Nikolaev also noted that CIS countries are characterized by rather high share of trade in gross domestic product (about 18%). "For this reason Kazakhstan was "not helped" even by the small growth of industrial production: in August it made 2,3% in comparison with last year (in Russia - a minus of 12,3%)", - the expert emphasized.

France fell on 5-е a place

Interesting changes happened in group of the developed countries. France and Canada traded places: now Canada on the second place in a rating, France - on the fifth. "Deterioration of a position of France is connected, first of all, with rather adverse dynamics of its gold and foreign exchange reserves. If in Canada this indicator was 26% higher than an indicator of 2008, in France - only for 4,8%. Besides, in France in August the biggest was marked out among the considered countries a rise in prices of producers - for 4,3%. In Canada, on the contrary, the prices of producers of an industrial output continued to fall: for 6,7% in comparison with August, 2008," - I declared Nikolaev. However, according to him, in the conditions of crisis in a rise in prices of producers there is a certain positive."However the methodology of calculation of an index of anti-recessionary efficiency everything is the accelerated rise in prices it recognizes that it is bad", - the expert summarized.

Index of anti-recessionary efficiency of FBK for August:

* Great Britain: 0,305

* Canada: 0,252

* USA: 0,143

* Germany: 0,134

* France: 0,099

* Russia: -0,214

* Kazakhstan: -0,338

* Ukraine: -0,380

We will note that "the index of anti-recessionary efficiency", despite the name, is the lagging behind indicator which is simply stating a situation in economy, not concerning directly to an assessment of efficiency of anti-recessionary measures of the governments. The index pays off on current socially - to economic indicators, it compares the current economic situation in the chosen states. Thus it must be kept in mind that crisis in the different countries began at different times, and, probably, now the stabilization period while the countries of the former USSR endure its sharp phase there comes nearer.


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