Ecologists claim that construction of the South Ukrainian pumped storage power plant will destroy archaeological sights on the bank of the Southern Bug

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The Nikolaev archaeological expedition acts on the Nikolaev earth more than forty years. It is clear that borders of work of expedition territorially changed, but remained within the Nikolaev area. Historical eras which were dug out by archeologists (from a paleolith by the Middle Ages) changed also.

In recent years activity of the Nikolaev expedition under the leadership of the employee of department енеолита - eras of bronze of Institute of archeology of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine of Victor Nikolaevich Fomenko which, actually, also appeared as the researcher - the archeologist in this expedition as the forwarding artist, having concentrated on guarding excavation in the Domanevsky region of the Nikolaev area, reports "The Ukrainian forestry specialist".

Guarding excavation is an excavation before building, flooding, land reclamation and so forth. That is guarding excavation is urged to rescue an archaeological material from destruction.

In the Domanevsky region of the Nikolaev area threat to archaeological sights the South Ukrainian pumped storage power plant which started building still in 70-x makes of the XX Art., then construction stopped for many years, however, in 2005 was started over again.

To archaeological sights on the coast of the Southern Bug - Bugskoma Garda, the Grape Garden and Lidin Balk threatens with the settlement flooding as a result of a water raising in Tashlykskom and Aleksandrovsk reservoirs. But that there - threatens, partially the island Bugsky Gard and the settlement the Grape Garden already is flooded.

According to nuclear scientists to lift a water level on 150 m that will destroy the island Bugsky Gard, Lidin Balk's settlement and the Grape Garden, they gather in three years. But, if money for it at them appears earlier, they will make it earlier. And, to all appearances without the prevention. After all this year it isn't planned for archeologists, but - it is planned for energy drinks, water lifted on 10 m., that quite sufficed that part of unrecorded squares on drawings розкопа on the Lidiny Beam turned into the pool.

That is especially interesting, the area prosecutor's office, in the claim of ecologists, recognized that lands under flooding were withdrawn from Regional landscape park Bugsky Gard (in the real


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