The inspectorate for control of the prices already fined one Nikolaev drugstore on... 363 hryvnias

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Due to the introduction of quarantine and an aggravation of an epidemiological situation in Ukraine mass checks of drugstores began, besides started checking everything - since tax and finishing state inspectorate for control of the prices. I didn't become an exception and Nikolaev.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" already reported about the facts of checks of city drugstores the staff of tax police. We will remind that according to tax, since October 31 of 56 mobile groups checked 202 drugstores. In all from them were absent at all or some names of preparations concerning which there is a state regulation by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers, and it: амиксин, Tamiflu, азитромицин, амизон, ampicillin, arbidol, ascorbic acid, remantadin, oksalinovy ointment, хлоргексидин биглюконат, gauze of a mask of one-time use, gauze masks of reusable use, glove. Staff of tax police established 17 facts of excess of the boundary prices of medical preparations.

Yesterday, on November 12, the State inspectorate for control of the prices in the Nikolaev area published results of the work on the official site of the regional state administration. In particular, inspection carried out 17 inspections of subjects of managing on observance of the state discipline of the prices (in the total number of 25 drugstores) which carry out retail trade in the market of medicines. Violations were established only in one pharmaceutical institution (violation term on November 3-4, 2009, penalties of 363 UAH are inflicted, the administrative penalty is imposed on the official). Also monitoring research of retail prices for antiviral preparations at 13 subjects of managing (61 drugstores) was conducted.


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