In ten months of this year in the Nikolaev area the volume of a cargo transportation was considerably reduced, but goods turnover

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From January to October, 2009 the motor and water transport of the Nikolaev area transported 4,8 million tons of freights that is 20,2% less than for the similar period of last year.

The overwhelming volume of freights (97,1%) it was transported by the motor transport. As a result of reduction of orders in January - October of this year volumes of transportations (taking into account the transportations executed by natural persons - businessmen) were reduced by this type of transport by 19,7% and made 4,6 million tons.

Transportation of goods by a water transport were carried out only in internal connection. Within January - October 139,3 thousand tons of freights that is 33,7% less than for the corresponding period last year are transported.

In ten months 2009 goods turnover of a motor and water transport of area made 808,3 million ткм that is 16,6% more than for the similar period last year, in particular goods turnover of the motor transport grew by 16,6%, water - for 15,3%. Essential growth of goods turnover is predetermined by increase in average distance of transportations.

On moorings of trade ports and other enterprises 20 million tons of freights that is 5% less than for January - October 2008 are processed. The majority of the processed freights (94,8% of total amount) - dry-cargo. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year the volume of processing of transit freights decreased by 25,6% and made 4,8 million tons, import - for 39,1% (3,6 million), internal connection - for 43,4% (69,3 thousand tons). But processing of export freights grew by 34,9% and made 11,5 million tons. years of tons


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