"Sandora" entered ten the most profitable Ukrainian brands

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In 2008 of 30 most popular trademarks earned nearly 24 billion UAH, I counted the Fokus magazine in the rating of the Ukrainian brands. First place of a rating was won by TM Roshen which sales last year made 3,4 billion hryvnias. On the second place beer brand "Chernigov". As reports Focus, under this trademark in Ukraine every fourth bottle of beer is on sale, and total sales in 2008 made 2,6 billion hryvnias. Chicken meat got the third place under TM "Our Ryaba". "Ours ряба" - the Ukraine's first bird, "naklevavshy" last year more than 2 billion hryvnias", - writes the magazine mediabusiness


After the three of leaders there are TM "AVK" (sales 1,7млрд. the UAH), TM "Hortitsa" (1,3 billion UAH), TM "Conti" (1,1 billion UAH), TM "Sadochok" (1,08 billion UAH), TM Nemiroff (1, 02 billion UAH), TM "Sandora" (1 billion UAH), closes ten leaders of TM "Biola" (0,9 billion UAH).

We will remind that TM "Sandora" and TM "Sadochek" belong to the Sandora company.

Most of all earned "sweet brands". It is the share of four strongest players of more than 6,6 billion UAH. On the second place on revenue - beer brands, on which account of 4,42 billion UAH. As the statistics, a TOP list-30 half - "drinking" brands showed. At the same time tobacco brand in 30-ке only one.

"Focus" reports that the sums were taken into consideration without the VAT. The money earned in Ukraine, instead of on export was considered only. For 2008 Focus analyzed sales volumes of brands on the basis of information provided by producers, using open financial statements of the companies, and also expert estimates.

"Many successful brands appeared in Ukraine at the time of disorder of the USSR or in the period of an economic crisis of the end 90-x. Today it is brands of national scale. Now we again appeared in a situation when import goods rise in price and lose demand. So, we can expect a new wave of young Ukrainian brands which will occupy the released niches. However, it is necessary to recognize in 98 - by m was to do a name to new goods more simply, and cheaper, than now", - I commented on the deputy.editor-in-chief of the Fokus magazine Ekaterina Glazkova.


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