Foreigners invested in the Nikolaev area more than 18 million US dollars

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In January - September, 2009 on the enterprises of the Nikolaev area direct foreign investments in the sum of 18,4 million US dollars, including from EU countries - 12,9 million US dollars (70,2% of total amount), from other countries of the world - 5 million US dollars (27,3%), the others - from CIS countries arrived. At the same time, поизошло reduction of the capital of nonresidents by 2,4 million dollars at the expense of an exception of monetary contributions and other forms of an exception of the capital (in January - September, 2008 - on 0,3 million dale. USA).

As a whole the gain of total volume of the foreign capital in area economy, taking into account its revaluation, losses, an exchange difference, etc., in nine months of this year made 10,2 million US dollars against 51,8 million US dollars last year.

For January - September, 2009 direct foreign investments were received from 20 countries of the world, their greatest volumes arrived from three countries, namely from the Netherlands (5,7 million US dollars), Cyprus (4,5 million US dollars) and Switzerland (3,5 million dl. USA).

The considerable volumes of investment arrived in the processing industry enterprises - 16,2 million US dollars (87,7% of their total amount), and also in the enterprises which carry out operations with real estate, rent, engineering and service to businessmen - 1,6 million US dollars (8,7%). Trade enterprise and transport received 0,3 million US dollars.

The total amount of the direct foreign investments sent to economy of area, a state for October 1, 2009 made 172 million US dollars that counting on one person makes 143,5 US dollars.

The debt on the credits and the loans, the received enterprises of area from direct investors - nonresidents within January - September grew by 46,9 million US dollars and for October 1 of this year made 135,6 million US dollars.


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