What it, average Nikolaev unemployed?

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Experts of the Nikolaev regional employment service summed up the results of sociological research which was conducted within June - August of this year for the purpose of studying of a portrait of the unemployed who more than three months are on the account in the centers of employment of area. 769 people took part in research.

On the basis of the obtained data it is possible to make a today's portrait of the Nikolaev unemployed.

In an employment service people who wish to work or change a work place address, to find a job in combination or in non-study time. Among the unemployed the majority is made by women (57,2%). For today on the account in an employment service there are in the basic citizens who have length of service not less than five years (such more than 67%).

The analysis on age

The most widespread age group among the unemployed - from 20 to 30 years (27,4%). The second place is taken by the unemployed from 40 to 50 years, the third - from 30 to 40 years. It should be noted that in 2007 the age of the majority of the unemployed made from 36 to 45 years, and today - from 20 to 30 years. From this it is visible that unemployment quite strongly "looked younger".

Education level

Professionally - 38,1% of respondents,

have technical education

the higher education - 31,9%,

full average - 19,2% of the unemployed.

basic secondary education at 9,1% of the unemployed,

two higher educations - at 1,7% of people.


Among the interrogated unemployed most of all accountants (8,8%), representatives of construction professions (7,7%), engineers (7,1%), drivers (6,9%), teachers (6,9%), cooks (6,4%), sellers (3,9%), tractor operators - machine operators (3,6%), economists (3,3%), also there are a lot of electricians, mechanics, agronomists, technologists, mechanics, seamstresses, financiers, livestock specialists.

Stay duration on the account

The main part (57%) respondents are on the account from 6 to 12 months

34% - from 3 to 6 months,

more than 5% of the unemployed stand on the account from 1 to 2-x years,

3,3% of the unemployed - more than 2 years.

Reasons for leavingfrom the last place of work

Staff reduction at the enterprise - 32,3%.

Dissatisfaction a salary - 17,2%.

Liquidation of the enterprise - 12,1%.

Deterioration of a state of health - 11,9%.

Adverse psychological climate in collective - 6,3%.

Among other reasons: the termination of term of the contract, desire to change a profession, lack of prospects of growth, etc.

Purpose of the appeal to the center of employment

More than 76% of respondents plan to find a job, first of all.

30% - to receive financial support.

For receiving the social help as needy addressed in the center of employment of 6,7% of respondents.

What services are received by the unemployed in the centers of employment

In the course of the analysis of results research was revealed that

more than 77% of respondents, first of all, receive information on vacancies,

77,1% participated in seminars on job search equipment,

28% - got advice on choice of profession according to abilities and interests,

24,5% - received a psychological assistance (participated in seminars, psychological trainings),

more than 23% of people received information on opening of own business,

nearly 6% were trained, retraining or professional development.

Process of job search

Nearly 74% of respondents have the plan of independent job search.

More than a half of respondents (56%) received the help of specialists of the center of employment in the course of job search scheduling.

Nearly 44% of respondents developed the individual search plans of work.

The main points of the plan - attraction to job search native, relatives and relatives (67,3%); search of vacancies in mass media (60,6%); visit of employers (47,6%); telephony to employers (11,1%); drawing up summary (6,5%), summary mailing to representatives of the enterprises, organizations and establishments (5%), etc.

During poll the unemployed defined the reasons, whichdisturbsuccessfully to find a job

Inneshny: lack of workin the specialty - 51,5%, a low wage on available vacancies - 33,1%, the place of work is far from a residence - 23,5%, a state of health - 13,3%, discrimination on age, sex or relationship status from the employer - 12,9%, etc.

The internal: desire to work onlyon available a profession - 35,7%, discrepancy of level of professional knowledge, skills to requirements of employers - 17,3%, uncertainty in own forces - 10,8%, feeling of alarm in an uncertainty situation - 8,5%, uncertainty in correctness of choice of profession (specialty) - 5%, underestimation of own opportunities - 4,9%, lack of persistence, activity in job search - 4,6%, etc.

In order that in short terms successfully to find a job 73% of respondents watch announcements in the mass media, more than 23% address to alternative employment agencies, nearly 16% of respondents yet didn't decide on further plans, 5% of the unemployed try to begin own business activity, over 4% plan to pass a vocational education or professional development.

Main sources of the income of persons, which are on the account - the help of relatives - 46%, homestead economy - 29,6%, social payments - 22,8%, casual earnings - 21%, personal savings - 16%, etc.


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