Successful beginning. Non-political interview with itself or attempt of introspection

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Dreams seldom dream me. But if to act, bright, color, sometimes the memorable. Recently, for example, to me dreamed as if I play a roulette. To me, this roulette seeing only at cinema.

I remember - I was lucky. In the beginning. Then the luck where - that left. I woke up in the upset feelings, assured that day will be unsuccessful. There was all to accuracy on the contrary.

Having opened on the Internet a page - dream book, I with surprise learned the following: "If in a dream you tested passion of the player or the fan, so, in reality you are expected by rough passion, strange, unexpected adventures. To see itself in a haunt of vice (the casino, etc.) winning moreover on - large, so to you should get to vulgar society, to derive pleasure at the expense of others and, probably, to lose the friend. If you lose - in life you will get rid of troubles.

Became the bankrupt - your energy and self-confidence will allow you to organize in the best way the affairs". That is, it turns out so - that you will dream, you shouldn't perceive literally, rather a foresight grants something bigger. Especially to people creative.

And I wondered: "My friend, and is how important for you passion? In broad understanding of this word? "

- It is important, certainly. Where without it.

- And what, actually, you mean by this word?

- I don't want to provide hackneyed phrases from the dictionary, I will tell only that passion can be reckless, impetuous, mad, unconscious, mad, inspired, cheerful, aggressive, hot, impudent. Choose on the discretion!

- Then I will choose inspired and cheerful passion, it that approaches under my idea of this phenomenon.

- Phenomenon? You weren't mistaken?

- Certainly, passion is the phenomenon. Well, imagine: you sit over a clean sheet of paper, you try to think up painfully the first phrase, which, as we know, the most difficult. At last you think out, and further … And then it is - passion, and creativity begins. However, in this case it is possible to call passion and inspiration, but it to whom as it is pleasant.

- That is, you all - are hazardous?

- In the creative plan - yes.

- And for the rest? Well, for example, in lotteries, games and to that similar?

- Categorically not! To enter artificial dependence to those things which can bring, at least, disappointment, and at worst - trouble, no, it not about me. After all not for nothing gamblings what are conducted on money call. Don't think that it I such severe and unapproachable. It is simple to eat indisputable truths. One of them is as follows: in the world exists absolute balance, in other words - the law of energy conservation with might and main works. Can appear nothing just like that. If you were lucky in gambling or in a roulette, you mean took away good luck from someone another. And maybe at itself. There are no accidents in life, understand?

- Even if you found on the road a chubby purse with money?

- Even in this case. And if nevertheless I found, it is better to spend this money for charity, otherwise they won't bring happiness.

- Why it, interestingly? After all you didn't steal them, and found.

- Because everything needs to be earned most. The hands or head. But, to earn!

- Boring you any … To earn, earn … And here in a casino it is possible to win in some hours so many that didn't dream. To win more and to live to itself in pleasure. What you will tell?

- As - that can't be called itself, but I will tell sacramental, maybe, a thing: you are the fool if you can even think so. I will tell you which - that. Which - that about the terrifying dependence which is given rise by game. For anybody not the secret that, as a rule, is lucky beginners. For the first time. But seldom who from familiar with this strange worldly wisdom thought of a question: "and why quite so? " Why they are lucky? I will try to explain. For a long, twisting ladder, leading down, expecting future player, this first step it is extremely important. The first prize is kept in mind. At heart it is joyful and easy. The person squeezes the notes which have got to it easily and quickly in sweaty palms, and … leaves. This prize is very important for game business. All this business keeps on the first prize. At the person the thought settles in the head that money can be not earned, and to win … The second time can not come, but if it came - everything, the person got on a beautiful wrapper, the fairy tale. Besides, it can mean nothing, but prerequisites to a game illness already are.Through unlimited quantity of prizes and still bigger number of losses of people understands that was stuck completely. And can make nothing is already dependence. Terrible, all-consuming. With withdrawal pains, as at addicts. She needs to be treated. Instead of there is a wish. Suddenly will carry still a time … Well, though one … By the way, at many people who are playing policy, the behavioural situation is similar. But, we won't be about it …

- Yes - and - and, a sad picture. It turns out, what passion in general, almost abusive word?

- I repeat for the dull: creative quite we accept passion, and, even it is welcomed. Otherwise any creativity turns into primitive craft. Though, has to recognize, as the successful beginning here is important. Otherwise the incentive will be gone. But, it already, as they say, other song. We and so with you spent a lot of time for a showdown among themselves. Everything, while. Also be not fond very much there …


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