The open letter of veterans of the Nikolaev Black Sea shipbuilding plant to the governor, the mayor, the prosecutor, SBU also we designate

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In veterans of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant appealed to inform to the general public their pain concerning proceeding death of plant to which they devoted the life, and the requirement to authorities to return plant to state ownership.

They stated all this in the letter.
"To the chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration A.N.Garkushe,
to the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council T.V.Demchenko,
to the mayor V.D. Chaika,
to the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area N.S.Stoyanov,
to the head of department of SBU in the Nikolaev area V. R. Doroshenko,
to the chief of RO FGIU in the Nikolaev area E.M.Kazansky,
to the chairman of regional trade council M.A.Sapozhnikova,
to the chairman of regional committee of labor union of shipbuilders V.A.Smelov.

Dear heads!

We address to you, as to the most prominent representatives of the government of the Nikolaev region. On our belief, proceeding from vital and a know-how, GAHK "CHSZ", many decades being the card of shipbuilding of Ukraine, in the degradation is at the non-return end of the resources. More than 1000 vessels and the ships are constructed on ChSZ. From destroyers, submarines, bulk carriers, tankers to special vessels and aircraft carriers.

On October 7, 2003 - black date in destiny of plant. It is day when the contract of purchase and sale of GAHK "was signedCHSZ" on certain, specific conditions. From this date the plant - the first three and a half years by Churkinymi's brothers, and two and a half years - Novinsky's so-called managers is destroyed.

For all this time any point of conditions of the investment contract isn't executed:

  • reconstruction of the enterprise isn't conducted;
  • the main of a building berth aren't restored;
  • new contracts aren't made out;
  • the plant in literal and figurative sense is squandered, and the received means from these antistate transactions go out of limits both the Nikolaev area, and Ukraine;
  • about an unpaid salary to earlier dismissed employees of GAHK subsidiaries "CHSZ" - 2 500 people (and in the Pension fund more than 30 million UAH) and don't want to remember more than 12 million UAH;
  • case of bankruptcy of plant No. 11/122/08 (in many respects on the facts of fictitious creditors) didn't find the corresponding assessment neither in regional prosecutor's office, nor in tax inspection, in regional administration;
  • criminally is unaffected by destiny of the State Property Fund of Ukraine plant.

By results of activity of "owners" of the huge enterprise it is completely clear that privatization of ChSZ was not only a mistake, but also a crime against the state and the people of Ukraine.

Are convinced that you as statesmen are also patriots of Ukraine, Nikolaev and Shipbuilding, you can and are obliged to show the Power and Mission.

The only way to rescue plant is to return it to state ownership with the subsequent competition for the real investors guaranteeing implementation of the new contract of purchase and sale of plant and preservation of its profile.

We ask you to show the civic stand - everyone at the position, for immediate, resolute, specific actions on preservation and GAHK restoration "CHSZ".

Veterans - shipbuilders of ChSZ:
Heroes of Socialist work
I.I. Vinnik,
P. M. Borisov
and many others.


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