On the Nikolaev streets there were "mobile" speculators

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That free cheese happens only in the mousetrap, many of us know from a school bench.

Unfortunately, some citizens forget about it. And therefore they should pay off for "free of charge" received by quite real money.

Not so long ago on streets of Nikolaev again there were guys and girls who offer everyone free starting packages of one of mobile operators.

Handing over to the surprised fan "spheres" these packages, "benefactors" report that having filled up the mobile account for the unlimited sum, subscribers will be able to talk free of charge... the whole year in a network if call on the such - that to number.

Some unlucky fans of a darmovshchina "peck" on this bait. Having received a free starting package, they run in the nearest salon of mobile communication, buy a card of account replenishment or the voucher and dial treasured number. However, after that the pleasure of new subscribers is replaced by disappointment: money from the mobile account departures, and it is impossible to talk the whole year free of charge. The center of service of subscribers of the mobile operator where the deceived clients address, can't help them anything any more as to this "action" no relation has.

Almost daily we receive advertizing sms on the phones. Their texts are almost identical: "virtue" suggests to use the whole week free service! However, the few clients of mobile operators read up the advertizing message up to the end. And after all there it is told that in a week service which they during this time will receive free of charge, automatically lasts, but already for quite concrete sum.

In seven days for many there comes the truth moment: hryvnias so necessary for conversations are automatically charged off a mobile account. Yes, free cheese costs expensive today...


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