The Nikolaev tax specialists revealed 4 473 officially not properly executed hired workers

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When carrying out territorial inspections, planned and unscheduled inspections the special attention is paid to installation of the facts of use of work of not properly executed hired workers.

Since the beginning of year cases of use of work 4 473 not properly executed properly hired workers without display of the paid income in accounting and without payment of income tax, collecting on obligatory state pension insurance and contributions to obligatory state social insurance are established.

For use of work of not properly executed hired workers, not charges and not transfers of a tax on the income of natural persons in the budget to violators the tax in the sum of 1,1 million UAH is accrued, the Public tax administration in the Nikolaev area reports.

Such not properly executed workers are socially unprotected, and annoyingly that they don't understand it, or don't think of how to provide the future - the pension and social contents.

By pension fund won't be considered neither work terms, nor gained income during work at the enterprises or at business owners without payment of collecting on obligatory state pension insurance.

In case not properly executed worker falls ill or will get a production trauma, the sick-list too won't be paid by fund of obligatory state social insurance.

From 4 473 established not properly executed workers - 2 933, or 66% of total, were officially issued through the regional centers of employment.

That is, as a result of this work легализированы 2 933 workplaces. According to the local budget from the sums of a legalizuyemy salary 679,5 thousand UAH of a tax from the income of natural persons in addition arrived.

The problem of use of work of not properly executed workers concerns not only tax service, an employment service and work management - it concern all citizens who aren't indifferent to questions of filling of the local budget and development of the region, questions of control by subjects of housekeeping of the tax legislation, questions of fair business, and the most important - to own destiny in the future.

Work on the prevention of violations of the current legislation at payment of the income to citizens by tax services of area is continued.


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